Thank you to the Abbot Public Library Foundation!

Nov 20, 2023 | Renovation Updates

Members of the Abbot Public Library Board of Trustees, the Abbot Public Library Foundation and the Town of Marblehead Select Board with Town Administrator Thatcher Kezer, Representative Jenny Armini and Library Director Kimberly Grad.

Photo credit: Spenser Hasak


By Kimberly Grad, Abbot Public Library Director

Last week, the Town of Marblehead received a major gift from the Abbot Public Library Foundation (APLF) in the amount of $1,000,000 that will be used toward the $9.5 million Abbot Public Library renovation project. EuRim Chun, President of APLF, noted that “This check represents the continuation of the rewarding public-private partnership between Abbot Public Library and the Community of Marblehead that began 146 years ago.”

Thanks to the generosity of the Abbot Public Library Foundation and the residents of Marblehead, we are creating a modern facility that will give us an edge in meeting the demands and expectations of today’s library users. We will be equipped to grow with the community, offering a high standard of service to the Town of Marblehead.

The Abbot Public Library Foundation (APLF) was formed to help raise $1 million in private funding toward the $9.5 million Abbot Public Library renovation project. In 2021, the Town overwhelmingly approved the $8.5 million override request to renovate and replace the failing infrastructure system at the library’s permanent location, 235 Pleasant St. in Marblehead.

Select Board Chair, Erin Noonan said, “This generous $1M contribution from private citizens to the Town for the library is another milestone to the historic partnership that makes Marblehead such a great community.”

As part of this campaign, the APLF made a promise to the generous taxpayers that if the override request for the library renovation was passed, the foundation would continue to raise an extra $2 million towards ensuring that the newly renovated library will continue to be maintained and updated as needed. This will include updates of furniture, finishes, technology, and equipment.

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