Public Computers

Several public internet computers on the main floor, in the teen area, and in the Children’s Room provide free access to high-speed internet and word processing. We require that all patrons comply with our Internet Policy, available at each computer.

Logging In

Access to library computers requires logging in with a library card number. Visitors can log in by obtaining a “computer use only card” at the Reference desk on the Main Level (identification is required).

Computer Time Limits

Most of the Library’s public computers time out after 30 minutes. Two computer sessions are allowed each day. If no one is waiting for a computer at the end of a 30-minute session, patrons can take an additional 30-minute session immediately. Otherwise, they can make a reservation for their second session for a later time. Reservations for a 30-minute computer must be made by visiting the library, and can be made at the reservation station in the Main Level computer area using a library card.  Reservations are not needed if computers are not occupied and no reservations are pending. In this case, patrons may take their first session immediately.

Three computers have 2-hour sessions and are intended to be used for special projects. Please stop by the Reference Desk to make a reservation for the 2-hour computers. You may also call 781-631-1481, ext. 213 to reserve one of the 2-hour session computers. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis.