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The Friends of the Abbot Public Library have generously donated passes to museums and other attractions for our patrons. All these passes allow reduced rates of admission. The rates and borrowing rules vary according to the individual museums.

How do I reserve a Museum pass?

Passes can be booked online at our Library website with your Library card number, on the telephone at 781-631-1481, or in person at the Library.

Who can reserve a pass?

Anyone eighteen years of age or older, with a Library card from any NOBLE Library, can book a museum pass.

How far in advance can I reserve a pass?

Passes can be reserved up to thirty days in advance.

How many passes can I reserve?

You can book one pass per week.

How many people does the pass admit?

Most passes admit between two and four people.  However, all the passes are structured differently.

Is there any cost for the pass?

All of the Museums have some charges associated with the pass admission. The charges are on a per person standard decided by the individual Museum. There is no cost for the pass at the Library.

When are my passes available for pickup?

Passes are available the day of your visit, but may be picked up in the afternoon, on the day before your visit, if necessary.

Where do I pick up my pass?
You will need to pick up your pass at the Library.

  • Please make sure to bring your Library card in order to pick up your pass.
  • If you send another family member to pick up the pass, make sure to give them your card.
  • If you have lost your card, please visit the Library in person with positive identification that includes your name and current address and we will issue you a card.

Patrons should check availability and consult the web site of the individual museum for particulars about the day of their planned visit to assure that they are able to visit when they wish to before making plans. The Abbot Public Library will make every effort to help patrons re-schedule a visit if necessary but we are unable to compensate for any expense the patron has incurred due to unforeseen problems in patron scheduling plans or the rare possibility of an administrative problem.

When do I need to return my pass?

All Bar-coded Passes should be returned by 9:00 a.m. of the day following your visit. Paper coupon passes do not need to be returned.

Where can I return the pass?

Passes should be returned to the Library’s Main desk, if the Library is open. If the Library is closed you can return your pass in the small black mail box at the front door of the Library. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN THE PASS IN THE BOOKDROPS AT THE FRONT OF THE LIBRARY

Is there a charge for late or lost passes?

There is a two dollar charge per day for a pass returned late and a ten dollar charge for a lost pass.

Are there any circumstances that would prohibit me from reserving a pass?
If you have lost materials from our Library or another NOBLE Library or if you owe five dollars or more for any reason, you need come to the Library and resolve these issues before the system would allow you to reserve a pass.

What should I do if it turns out that I can’t use the pass I reserved?

Please notify the Library as soon as you know you won’t be using the pass. If you have two passes in a month that you requested and never picked up or called about, you will not be able to book any passes for one month.

What do I do if I don’t have a NOBLE Library card or I can’t find my card?
You can be issued a Library card if you present valid identification that includes your name and current address on the same piece of material. A driver’s license is ideal, but a check, a bill, a mortgage or rental agreement is acceptable if they have your current information.