Teen Arrivals – Nonfiction

July Arrivals

  • NEW Y 158.1 HOWELL 2021
    Howell, Dan
    You will get through this night : a practical mental health guide
    Summary:"Written by Daniel Howell, in consultation with a qualified psychologist, in an entertaining and personal way from the perspective of someone who has been through it all—this no-nonsense book gives you the tools to understand your mind so you can be in control and really live. Split into three chapters for each stage of the journey: This Night: how to get through your toughest moments and be prepared to face anything. Tomorrow: small steps to change your thoughts and actions with a big impact on your life. The Days After: help to look after yourself in the long term and not just survive, but thrive. You will laugh and learn—but most of all, this book will assure you that even in your darkest times, there is always hope. You will get through this night."–Amazon.com.
    ISBN:0063053888, 9780063053885

  • NEW Y 570.76 BROWN 2021
    Brown, Matthew
    Everything you need to ace biology in one big fat notebook : the complete high school study guide
    Summary:"The Big Fat Notebooks’ big step up to high school continues! Announcing Biology, the third in the high school series. With over 5 million copies in print since 2016, and sales escalating every year, the Big Fat Notebooks series is revolutionizing the middle and high school study guide. And Biology continues with the high school STEM concentration, following Chemistry and Geometry, which in turn followed in the footsteps of the middle school series’ bestselling titles, Math (TK million copies in print) and Science (with TK million copies in print). Wrapping its arms around a subject that covers everything from life at the molecular level to the entirety of an ecosystem, Biology tackles all the big ideas: biological classification and hierarchy, cell theory, genetics, the human body, evolution, and more. And it does so in that lively, useful, and intuitive way that makes the Big Fat Notebooks so singular and successful: Critical ideas are broken down and clearly explained; doodles illuminate tricky concepts; mnemonics provide memorable shortcuts; and quizzes recap it all. Plus, the author, Matthew Brown, a biomedical engineer and science communicator, has an easy, engaging way of bringing even the most complex scientific concepts to life"–
    ISBN:9781523504367, “1523504366 : PAP”, “9781523504367 : PAP”