Teen Arrivals – Nonfiction

March Arrivals

  • NEW Y 177.7 ORTEGA 2020
    Ortega, Jenna
    It’s all love : reflections for your heart & soul
    Summary:"A book of affirmations and honest stories about relationships, career, and faith"–
    ISBN:9780593174586, “0593174569 : HRD”, “9780593174562 : HRD”

  • NEW Y 261.51 DOMINGUEZ 2020
    Dominguez, Matthew
    Inklings on philosophy and worldview : a new way of learning about our connections to truth & reality
    Summary:"Teens live in a complicated world. They are constantly bombarded by messages from their friends, parents, teachers, the internet, and their churches, and not all of these messages agree or line up with each other. How do students figure out who to listento? How do they figure out what is true? Inklings on Philosophy and Worldview will show teens practical ways to filter out the wrong messages and focus on what is real. Using teachings from highly respected, loved, and well-known writers, teacher MatthewDominguez will show teens the power of story as he guides them through a study of world religions, philosophies, and worldview, and gives them a firm foundation to stand on as they prepare to face the world"–
    ISBN:“149642896X : PAP”, “9781496428967 : PAP”

  • NEW Y 306.7 MOEN 2020
    Moen, Erika
    Let’s talk about it : the teen’s guide to sex, relationships, and being a human
    Summary:"A graphic novel about sex, sexuality, gender, body, consent, and many other topics for teens"–
    ISBN:9781984893161, “0593125312 : HRD”, “9780593125311 : HRD”

  • NEW Y 323.1196 GOLDSTONE 2021
    Goldstone, Lawrence
    Separate no more : the long road to Brown v. Board of Education
    Summary:"Since 1896, in the landmark outcome of Plessy v. Ferguson, the doctrine of "separate but equal" had been considered acceptable under the United States Constitution. African American and white populations were thus segregated, attending different schools, living in different neighborhoods, and even drinking from different water fountains — so long as the separated facilities were deemed of comparable quality. However, as African Americans found themselves lacking opportunity, barred from the educational, legal, and personal resources readily available to white people, and living under the constant menace of lawless mob violence, it was becoming increasingly apparent that segregation was not only unjust, but dangerous. Fighting to turn the tide against racial oppression, revolutionaries rose up all over America, from Booker T. Washington to W. E. B. Du Bois. They formed coalitions of some of the greatest legal minds and activists, who carefully strategized how to combat the racist judicial system, picking and choosing which cases to take on and how to tackle them. These activists would not always win, in some instances suffering great setbacks, but, ever resilient, they continued to push forward. These efforts would be rewarded in the groundbreaking cases of 1952-1954 known collectively as Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, in which the U. S. Supreme Court would decide, once and for all, the legality of segregation — and on which side of history the United States would stand. In this thrilling examination of the path to Brown v. Board of Education, Constitutional law scholar Lawrence Goldstone highlights the key trials and players in the fight for integration. Written with a deft hand, this story of social justice will remind readers, young and old, of the momentousness of the segregation hearings"–
    ISBN:1338592831, 9781338592832, 9781338592856

  • NEW Y 629.45 CHERRIX 2021
    Cherrix, Amy E.
    In the shadow of the moon : America, Russia, and the hidden history of the space race
    Summary:The award-winning author of Eye of the Storm chronicles the lesser-known rivalry between former Nazi-turned-U.S. Cold War scientist Wernher von Braun and Russian rocket designer Sergei Korolev, explaining how their controversial scientific achievements shaped human history.
    ISBN:0062888757, 9780062888754

  • NEW Y 808.042 DREYER 2021
    Dreyer, Benjamin
    Dreyer’s English : good advice for good writing (adapted for young readers)
    Summary:"An informative and witty guide to writing and grammar, written especially for a younger audience"–
    ISBN:0593176812, 9780593176818, 0593176804, 9780593176801, 9780593176825