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    Turner, Glennette Tilley
    A man called Horse : John Horse and the Black Seminole Underground Railroad
    Summary:"A daring account of Black Seminole warrior, chief, and diplomat John Horse and the route he forged on the Underground Railroad to gain freedom for his people. John Horse (c. 1812-1882, also known as Juan Caballo) John Horse was a famed chief, warrior, tactician, and diplomat who played a dominant role in Black Seminole affairs for half a century. A political and military leader of mixed Seminole and African heritage, Horse defended his people from the U.S. government, other tribes, and slave hunters by serving as a counselor of fellow Seminole leaders, an agent of the U.S. government, and a captain in the Mexican army."–
    ISBN:“1419749331 (hbk.) :”, “9781419749339 (hbk.) :”