Children’s New Arrivals – Nonfiction

July Arrivals

  • J 523.43 SLADE
    Slade, Suzanne
    Mars is : stark slopes, silvery snow, and startling surprises
    Summary:"For centuries, people have been intrigued by Mars, and over time, scientists have made exciting discoveries, such as the planet’s Earth-like weather and seasons. But curious earthlings want to know more about the Red Planet. Does Mars have deserts? Volcanos? Or signs of life? Could people live there someday? Scientists decided to take a closer look. They built a powerful camera called the HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) and loaded it onto a rocket. The rocket blasted off on August 12, 2005, and seven months later, the camera began orbiting Mars. It sent back surprising, revealing photos showing the world what Mars really is. Now, the world’s space community and NASA have renewed their exploration efforts, and interest in the Red Planet is in high gear" —
    ISBN:1682631885, 9781682631881

  • J 597.878 SIDMAN
    Sidman, Joyce
    Dear treefrog
    Summary:"With magical, concise and perceptive poems, Newbery-Honor winning author Joyce Sidman captures the life of a tree frog in an intimate and moving way. A master of the science note, her fascinating sidebars help bind the twin poems together and ground our perspective. We learn how treefrogs have sticky toe pads, how they still themselves when in danger, how they can change from green to gray to camouflage themselves – even how they eat their own skins, which is full of nutrients. The narrator’s connection with this small creature brings solace, comfort, and a sense of mystery"–
    ISBN:0358064767, 9780358064763

  • J 624.028 WAXMAN
    Waxman, Laura Hamilton
    Construction worker tools
    Summary:"Construction workers use many tools to build things. This carefully leveled text with vibrant photos and critical-thinking questions will help young readers learn what tools construction workers need to do their job"–Provided by publisher.
    ISBN:154157348X, 9781541573482, 1541555562, 9781541555563

  • J 634.11 REDDING
    Redding, Anna Crowley
    The gravity tree : the true story of a tree that inspired the world
    Summary:"Part scientific explanation, part biography, this nonfiction picture book explores the life of the fabled apple tree that inspired Newton’s theory of Gravity-from a minor seed to a monumental icon that has inspired the world’s greatest minds for over three and a half centuries"–
    ISBN:0062967363, 9780062967367

  • J 745.5 LOWERY
    Lowery, Mike
    The ultimate at-home activity guide : over 100 fun ideas for any day
    Summary:"There are endless possibilities for keeping spirits high and brains engaged at home, including throwing a virtual party, holding family Olympics, learning a magic trick, making a flip book, and many more. Doodles, jokes, and entertaining tips enliven the crafts, games, adventures, projects, and creative boredom-busting activities the whole family will enjoy. Most call for common crafting gear and household items, ensuring hours of fun at the tip of your fingers"–
    ISBN:0593326091, 9780593326091