Children’s New Arrivals – Nonfiction

April Arrivals

  • J 001.944 BECCIA
    Beccia, Carlyn
    Monstrous : the lore, gore, and science behind your favorite monsters
    Summary:An encyclopedia of monsters delves into the history and science behind eight legendary creatures, from Bigfoot and the kraken to zombies and more. Find out each monster’s origin story and the real-world history that informed it, and then explore the science of each creature in fun and surprising ways. Tips and infographics-including monster anatomy, how to survive a vampire attack, and real-life giant creatures of the deep sea-make this a highly visual and fun-to-browse book.
    ISBN:“1512449164 (lb : alk. paper)”, “9781512449167 (lb : alk. paper)”

  • J 005.1 GIBSON
    Gibson, Karen Bush
    Programmers : with STEM projects for kids
    Summary:Discusses what computer programming is, highlighting female programmers who revolutionized the role of women in the field and providing activities, including creating a coding program and building an app.
    ISBN:“1725459396 : PBD”, “9781725459397 : PBD”

  • J 006.8 BODDEN
    Bodden, Valerie
    Virtual-reality headsets
    Summary:Virtual-reality headsets are a Modern Engineering Marvel! In this engaging title, readers will explore the history of virtual-reality immersion from the stereoscope and View-Master to flight simulators and arcade games to today’s head mounted displays! Palmer Lucky and Occulus Rift are featured, and a colorful infographic shows how a virtual-reality headset works. Readers will learn about the future of virtual-reality headsets including military training and crime scene investigation. A timeline, a glossary, and an index supplement historical and color photos. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Checkerboard Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.
    ISBN:“153211091X (alk. paper)”, “9781532110917 (alk. paper)”

  • J 020.92 ANDERSON
    Anderson, AnnMarie
    In our neighborhood. Meet a librarian!
    Summary:"Two children learn the importance of librarians in their neighborhood"–
    ISBN:0531136876, 9780531136874, 0531136817, 9780531136812

  • J 327.12 PETERSON
    Peterson, Christy
    Secret spy gear
    Summary:"Spies have to be innovative to not get caught during missions. Readers will learn about wartime spies and the disguises and gadgets they used to gain intel"–
    ISBN:1728404258, 9781728404257, 9781728418698

  • J 328.73 FAUST
    Faust, Daniel R.
    Inside Congress
    Summary:"Article I of the U.S. Constitution established the U.S. Congress. As the legislative branch of the government, both houses of Congress play an important role in the country. This title explores both chambers of our nation’s lawmaking body, with a focus on the various duties of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Essential concepts in the U.S. government and history curriculum are presented in easy-to-digest sections, with a focus on engaging struggling readers with accessible text. Primary sources, graphic organizers, and charts supplement the text and make challenging concepts clear"–
    ISBN:149946861X, 9781499468618, 1499468601, 9781499468601

  • J 384.53 BETHEA
    Bethea, Nikole Brooks
    Cell phones
    Summary:"In Cell Phones, readers will learn about the science and technology behind the development of the cellular phone. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage readers as they learn more about the challenges overcome to create the cell phone and how this super science feat continues to improve our communication with the world."–
    ISBN:“9781624968662 (hardcover : alk. paper)”

    Kingfisher (COR)
    The Kingfisher children’s illustrated dictionary & thesaurus.
    Summary:An illustrated dictionary, including plurals, parts of speech, and definitions, plus a thesaurus of synonyms and antonyms.
    ISBN:“0753475138 : PAP”, “9780753475133 : PAP”

  • J 507.8 CANAVAN
    Canavan, Thomas
    Children’s encyclopedia of science experiments
    Summary:"This encyclopaedia of 40 experiments will show curious kids the amazing things that science can do. The experiments are easy to do, requiring no special equipment, but they explain key scientific principles"–
    ISBN:“1838576800 : HRD”, “9781838576806 : HRD”

  • J 510.3 COLLINS
    Collins, Tim
    Children’s encyclopedia of math
    Summary:"Discover the wonder of mathematics with this comprehensive encyclopedia. Full of surprising facts and stunning photographs, this book will reveal how numbers shape our lives, from computer coding to making music. Key concepts in math are explained in easy-to-understand terms, and clarified by clear diagrams."–Jacket.
    ISBN:“1839406062 :”, “9781839406065 :”

  • J 523.3 PERDEW
    Perdew, Laura
    The moon : small-but-mighty neighbor
    Summary:Narrated by the Universe, tells about the moon, the Earth’s neighbor
    ISBN:“1619309858 :”, 1619309858, 9781619309852, 9781619309852

  • J 523.642 GLADSTONE
    Gladstone, James
    Journey around the sun : the story of Halley’s comet
    Summary:"Journey Around the Sun is the story of Halley’s Comet, as told by the comet itself, as it returns to Earth approximately every 75 years. At the same time that we learn about the comet, we also learn about the history of human culture and technology, evolving as it has toward a greater understanding of our universe. Amazingly, although people in early civilizations did not know about the return orbit of Halley’s Comet, documentation of the comet has survived from ancient China, Babylon, Greece, and the Arab world. (Comets were also painted in North and South America, but it’s less clear whether or not they were of Halley.) These sightings were seen as omens good and bad, and they were woven into tapestries, painting on scrolls, immortalized in theatre. Edmond Halley predicted the comet would return in 1758, and he was proven right through successive technologies: telescopes, cameras, and eventually a spacecraft, Giotto, which photographed the comet’s ice core at close range. Whether viewed through a cultural, psychological, or scientific lens, what’s clear is that the history of Halley’s comet is deeply tied to our own. The question that remains is what will Halley’s Comet "see" the next time it comes to visit? The book ends with an Author’s Note with more information about Halley’s Comet and comets in general."–
    ISBN:1771473711, 9781771473712

  • J 523.7 PERDEW
    Perdew, Laura
    The sun : shining star of the solar system
    Summary:Narrated by the Universe, tells about the sun and how it affects life here Earth
    ISBN:“1619309777 :”, 1619309777, 9781619309777, 9781619309777

  • J 551.46 KING
    King, Ernest
    Tide pools : an augmented reality book
    ISBN:173293780X, 9781732937802

  • J 551.46 LAVAGNO
    Lavagno, Enrico
    Maps of the world’s oceans : an illustrated children’s atlas to the seas and all the creatures and plants that live there
    Summary:This lavishly illustrated, fact-filled atlas–a follow-up to Maps of the World–allows children to discover the fascinating and mysterious world below sea level with links to explore even further on computers and tablets. The dozens of colorful, detailedmaps are filled with hundreds of illustrated icons highlighting creatures that inhabit the waters of the world from deep-ocean sharks to sea birds that rely on the water to survive. Also featured are vital vegetation, submerged shipwrecks, and icons representing the myths and legends of the various peoples who supposedly lived by the seas. Along the surface, readers will explore ports, lighthouses, famous explorers and voyages, old navigation secrets, and more. Flip the next page from any map and the corresponding icon key explains why these fish, animals, various organisms and more are so vital to the oceans and the seas – and therefore the world.
    ISBN:“0762467975 : HRD”, “9780762467976 : HRD”

  • J OVERSIZE 551.483 GOES
    Goes, Peter
    Rivers : a visual history from river to sea
    Summary:"This breathtaking journey along the most important rivers in the world takes us from the Nile to the Amazon, the Mekong Delta to the Mississippi, the Murray to the Waikato. Our seas and rivers tell a compelling story about our planet."–
    ISBN:1776572165, 9781776572168

  • J 553.8 PETERSEN
    Petersen, Christine
    Investigate gems
    Summary:"Investigate Gems introduces readers to what gems are and how they form, including mineral gems and organic gems. Learn about crystal systems, imitation and synthetic gems, cultured pearls, how gems are used, and their historic importance. A geology-themed project provides the opportunity for hands-on experience. Other features include a table of contents, fun facts, infographics, sidebars, map, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards."–
    ISBN:“153219174X : LIB”, “9781532191749 : LIB”

  • J 560 LACEY
    Lacey, Saskia
    Prehistoric creatures : numbers to 1,000
    Summary:"It was known as the age of the dinosaurs. But, they were not alone. Other creatures roamed Earth at the same time. Journey across land, sea, and sky as you read and write numbers, and explore the world of ancient animals"–
    ISBN:“1425857442 : PAP”, “9781425857448 : PAP”

  • J 560 PETERSEN
    Petersen, Christine
    Unearth fossils
    Summary:"Unearth Fossils introduces readers to the different types of fossils and how they form. Learn about key fossil finds, scientists who made important discoveries and contributions to the study of fossils, and how we use fossils today in the form of fossilfuels. A geology-themed project provides the opportunity for hands-on experience. Other features include a table of contents, fun facts, infographics, sidebars, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards." —
    ISBN:“1532191766 : LIB”, “9781532191763 : LIB”

  • J 567.9 SIMON
    Simon, Seymour
    Dinosaurs : fact and fable : truths, myths, and new discoveries!
    Summary:Scientists have dug up and uncovered many facts about dinosaurs—and in the process, they have come across many myths. This picture book digs deep into the Age of Dinosaurs, covering topics such as fossilization, plate tectonics, dinosaur diets, paleontology, extinction theories, dinosaur relatives, and more! Get ready to learn what we know about dinosaurs and what we still don’t know, and about the amazing new discoveries being made every single day.–Publisher’s website
    ISBN:“0062470639 (pbk.)”, “9780062470638 (pbk.)”, “0062470647 (lib. bdg.)”, “9780062470645 (lib. bdg.)”

  • J 567.918 OWEN
    Owen, Ruth
    Flying lizards big as planes
    Summary:Take a step back in time to explore all things dinosaur – from fossil hunters to baby dinosaurs.
    ISBN:“1642801836 (library)”, “9781642801835 (library)”

  • J 567.918 OWEN
    Owen, Ruth
    When birds had teeth
    Summary:Take a step back in time to explore all things dinosaur – from fossil hunters to baby dinosaurs.
    ISBN:“1642801887 (library)”, “9781642801880 (library)”

  • J 571.78 ATKINS
    Atkins, Marcie Flinchum
    Wait, rest, pause : dormancy in nature
    Summary:Captivating photos of animals accompany simple, engaging text to explain dormancy in nature. This highly curricular book teaches young readers about different kinds of dormancy and which animals do what. Featuring creatures like ladybugs, chickadees, squirrels, and even alligators, this book won’t put curious kids to sleep! – Amazon
    ISBN:“1541561929 (lb)”, “9781541561922 (lb)”

  • J 581.48 POSADA
    Posada, Mia
    Summer green to autumn gold : uncovering leaves’ hidden colors
    Summary:"This nonfiction picture book, written and illustrated by Mia Posada, beautifully explains why leaves change color in fall. It highlights both the eye-catching colors of the season and the science behind the colors. Back matter offers additional scientific details for curious readers as well as suggested further reading and links to hands-on activities"–
    ISBN:“9781541528994 (lb : alk. paper)”

  • J 590 TAYLOR
    Taylor Sean/ Morss Alex
    Funny Butts, Freaky Beaks : And Other Incredible Creature Features
    ISBN:“191351918X : HRD”, “9781913519186 : HRD”

  • J 590.3 MARTIN
    Martin, Claudia
    Children’s first animal encyclopedia
    Summary:Presents an illustrated animal encyclopedia covering mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians, and invertebrates.
    ISBN:“1838576525 : HRD”, “9781838576523 : HRD”

  • J 591.47 JOHNSON
    Johnson, Rebecca L.
    Nature’s ninjas : animal warriors with spectacular skills
    Summary:"Did you know that some animals have natural ninja-like talents? In this book, you’ll learn all about them, including geckos, sea urchins, bombardier beetles, and more. For example, geckos can grip almost any surface–including walls and ceilings–with their amazing toes. And when collector urchins are attacked, they release tiny, sharp objects that bear a striking resemblance to throwing stars. You will also meet the scientists who are studying these animals’ amazing abilities"–
    ISBN:“9781541542419 (lb : alk. paper)”

  • J 591.7699 LAWRENCE
    Lawrence, Ellen
    Beach fleas and other tiny sand animals
    Summary:"Learn about tiny creatures on the beach."–
    ISBN:“1684024498 : LIB”, “9781684024490 : LIB”

  • J 591.77 MARTIN
    Martin, Claudia
    Children’s encyclopedia of ocean life
    Summary:Introduces the reader to facts about the ocean life, and discusses anatomy and behavior of sea creatures.
    ISBN:“1789506018 : HRD”, “9781789506013 : HRD”

  • J 594.32 LAWRENCE
    Lawrence, Ellen
    Rock stars : limpets, barnacles, and whelks
    Summary:Provides information on limpets, barnacles, and whelks, including what they eat and how they live on rocks.
    ISBN:“1684024463 : LIB”, “9781684024469 : LIB”

  • J 595.799 FLEMING
    Fleming, Candace
    Honeybee : the busy life of apis mellifera
    Summary:Describes the life cycle of the hard-working honeybee
    ISBN:“0823442853 (hardcover)”, “9780823442850 (hardcover)”

  • J 597.9 KING
    King, Ernest
    Reptiles & amphibians: an augmented reality popup book

  • J 597.96 BOUTLAND
    Boutland, Craig
    Banded sea krait
    Summary:"The banded sea krait swims along in the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans with the help of a paddle-shaped tail and large lungs. Learn all about what makes this snake fit for life under the waves and discover what happens when it comes to shore"–
    ISBN:9781647471118, “1647470935 : LIB”, “9781647470937 : LIB”

  • J 597.96 BOUTLAND
    Boutland, Craig
    Summary:"A sidewinder darts out from the hot sands of Death Valley, leaving a trail of wavy lines. Though a sidewinder’s bite isn’t deadly, they are very painful. Read more to learn all about the sidewinder"–
    ISBN:9781647471170, “1647470994 : LIB”, “9781647470999 : LIB”

  • J 597.9638 BOUTLAND
    Boutland, Craig
    Western diamondback rattlesnake
    Summary:"There’s no mistaking the warning hiss and rattle of an angry rattlesnake. But did you know a Western Diamondback rattlesnake isn’t born with it’s noisy namesake? Discover how the western diamondback grows its noisy namesake and more!"–
    ISBN:9781647471163, “1647470986 : LIB”, “9781647470982 : LIB”

  • J 597.9642 BOUTLAND
    Boutland, Craig
    Black mamba
    Summary:"Watch out! This snake packs some seriously strong venom. Just two drops of black mamba venom could kill you dead in 30 minutes. Learn more about this deadly snake"–
    ISBN:9781647471125, “1647470943 : LIB”, “9781647470944 : LIB”

  • J 597.967 BOUTLAND
    Boutland, Craig
    Green anaconda
    Summary:"A green anaconda slithers along the rain forest floor and zips through the water. This snake can be more than 15 feet long, but there’s more to this massive snake than just it’s size. Read more to learn all about the green anaconda"–
    ISBN:9781647471101, “1647470927 : LIB”, “9781647470920 : LIB”

  • J 597.9678 MESSNER
    Messner, Kate
    Tracking pythons : the quest to catch an invasive predator and save an ecosystem
    Summary:Burmese pythons are inavding Florida. Despite their enormous size, these snakes are almost impossible to find. They’re prolific breeders and voracious eaters. Can anything stop them?
    ISBN:“1541557069 (lb : alk. paper)”, “9781541557062 (lb : alk. paper)”

  • J 598.33 WENDT
    Wendt, Jennifer
    Atlantic puffin
    Summary:"They can survive on land, sea, and in the air. Learn all about the awesome Atlantic puffin!"–
    ISBN:9781647471682, “164747146X : LIB”, “9781647471460 : LIB”

  • J 598.92 MONTGOMERY
    Montgomery, Sy
    Condor comeback
    Summary:"The story of California condors and the scientists who have fought against their extinction."–
    ISBN:“0544816536 (hardcover)”, “9780544816534 (hardcover)”

  • J 599.24 SEXTON
    Sexton, Colleen A.
    Summary:"Pop! A fuzzy face pokes out from its burrow. It’s a wombat. But don’t let that cute face fool you. A wombat can be vicious when it squishes predators with its hard backside! From digging burrows to battling with their behinds and everything in between, learn all about these awesome animals!"–
    ISBN:9781647471712, “1647471494 : LIB”, “9781647471491 : LIB”

  • J 599.865 JOHNSTON
    Johnston, KT
    Railway Jack : the true story of an amazing baboon
    Summary:"Jim was a South African railway inspector in the late 1800s who lost his legs in an accident while at work. Unable to perform all his tasks with his disability but desperate to keep his job, Jim discovered a brilliant solution, a baboon named Jack. Jim trained Jack to help him both at home and at the depot. But when the railway authorities and the public discovered a monkey on the job, Jack and Jim had to work together to convince everyone that they made a great team. This inspiring true story celebrates the history of service animals and a devoted friendship"–
    ISBN:1684460883, 9781684460885, 9781684460892

  • J 609 BRIDGMAN
    Bridgman, Roger
    1000 inventions and discoveries
    Summary:Summarizes one thousand notable inventions and discoveries of ancient and modern times, from 3,000,000 B.C. to the beginning of the twenty-first century A.D.
    ISBN:“1465494359 : PAP”, “9781465494351 : PAP”

  • J 612.2 HANSEN
    Hansen, Grace
    Boogers and snot

  • J 612.3 HANSEN
    Hansen, Grace
    ISBN:1644943867, 9781644943861, 1098202392, 9781098202392, 9781098203375

  • J 612.32 DYANS
    D’yans, Masha
    A garden in your belly : meet the microbes in your gut
    Summary:"Your belly is full of tiny creatures! Vivid watercolors and lively text teach kids about the garden of microscopic flora growing inside them, how it keeps them healthy, and how they can help it thrive"–
    ISBN:1541578406, 9781541578401, 9781728401454

  • J 612.32 HANSEN
    Hansen, Grace

  • J 612.7 HANSEN
    Hansen, Grace
    ISBN:1098202406, 9781098202408

  • J 612.84 HANSEN
    Hansen, Grace
    Eye gunk

  • J 612.85 HANSEN
    Hansen, Grace
    ISBN:1644943840, 9781644943847, 1098202376, 9781098202378, 9781098203351

  • J 613.951 SIMON
    Simon, Rachel E.
    The every body book : the LGBTQ+ inclusive guide for kids about sex, gender, bodies, and families
    Summary:"An illustrated LGBTQ+ inclusive kid’s guide to sex, gender and relationships education that includes children and families of all genders and sexual orientations, covering puberty, hormones, consent, sex, pregnancy and safety."–
    ISBN:“1787751732 : HRD”, “9781787751736 : HRD”

  • J 615.372 KLEPEIS
    Klepeis, Alicia
    Summary:"In Vaccines, readers will learn about the science behind the discovery and development of vaccinations. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage readers as they learn more about how vaccines work and how this super science feat continues to adapt in our changing world, from COVID-19 to the seasonal flu. A Take a Look! infographic aids understanding, sidebars present interesting, supplementary information, and an activity helps readers learn more. Children can learn more about vaccines using our safe search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate websites. Vaccines also features reading tips for teachers and parents, a table of contents, a glossary, and an index. Vaccines is part of Jump!’s Super Science Feats: Medical Breakthroughs series"–
    ISBN:1645278026, 9781645278023, 1645278018, 9781645278016, 9781645278030

  • J 620.008 TAYLOR
    Taylor, Diane C.
    Engineers : with STEM projects for kids
    Summary:Discusses what engineering is, highlighting female engineers who revolutionized the role of women in the field and providing activities, including building a suspension bridge, designing and building a kite, and investigating processed food.
    ISBN:“1725458144 : PBD”, “9781725458147 : PBD”

  • J 621.32 SCHUH
    Schuh, Mari C.
    Light bulbs
    Summary:"In Light Bulbs, early fluent readers learn about the science, engineering, and technology behind light bulbs. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text engage young readers as they learn about this important technology. Children can learn more about light bulbs using our safe search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate websites. Light Bulbs also features reading tips for teachers and parents, a table of contents, a glossary, and an index. Light Bulbs is part of Jump!’s How Does It Work? series"–
    ISBN:164527778X, 9781645277781, 1645277771, 9781645277774, 9781645277798

  • J 621.5 BETHEA
    Bethea, Nikole Brooks
    Summary:"In Refrigerators, early fluent readers learn about the science, engineering, and technology behind refrigerators. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text engage young readers as they learn about this important technology. A diagram illustrates parts of a refrigerator, and an activity offers kids an opportunity to extend discovery. Children can learn more about refrigerators using our safe search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate websites. Refrigerators also features reading tips for teachers and parents, a table of contents, a glossary, and an index. Refrigerators is part of Jump!’s How Does It Work? series"–
    ISBN:164527781X, 9781645277811, 1645277801, 9781645277804, 9781645277828

  • J 628.3 LINDLEY
    Lindley, Jo
    Where does my poo go?
    ISBN:0744021472, 9780744021479, “0241446287 (pbk.) :”, “9780241446287 (pbk.) :”, “9780241522943 (ebook) :”, “9780241522950 (PDF ebook) :”

  • J 628.925 MCCARTHY
    McCarthy, Meghan
    Firefighters’ handbook
    Summary:"A picture book exploration of what it takes to be a firefighter, including training and equipment"–
    ISBN:1534417338, 9781534417335

    Fretland VanVoorst, Jenny
    Summary:"In Helicopters, early fluent readers learn about the science, engineering, and physics behind their favorite vehicles. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text engage young readers as they learn about these exciting machines."–
    ISBN:“9781624966965 (ebk.)”, “1620319047 : LIB”, “9781620319048 : LIB”

  • J 629.45 KLEPEIS
    Klepeis, Alicia
    Astronauts : with STEM projects for kids
    ISBN:“1619307782 : HRD”, “9781619307780 : HRD”

  • J 634.11 SHEPHERD
    Shepherd, Jodie
    Seed to apple
    Summary:"This book introduces readers to the life cycle of an apple"–
    ISBN:“0531136949 : LIB”, “9780531136942 : LIB”

  • J 634.9751 HURT
    Hurt, Avery Elizabeth
    Pine tree
    ISBN:“168402675X : LIB”, “9781684026753 : LIB”

  • J 635.1 RAWSON
    Rawson, Katherine.
    Roots we eat
    Summary:Roots help plants grow by not only holding the plant in the soil, but by feeding the plant with nutrients from the ground. Some of these roots we eat. Yes we actually eat the part of the plant that grows below ground.
    ISBN:1584150645, 9781584150640

  • J 704.042 LABARGE
    LaBarge, Melanie
    Women artists A to Z
    Summary:"An alphabet picture book featuring famous women artists and their most iconic works"–
    ISBN:0593108728, 9780593108727, 9780593108734

  • J 745.5 KINGTON
    Kington, Emily
    I am not a box!
    ISBN:“1541555139 (lb : alk. paper)”, “9781541555136 (lb : alk. paper)”

  • J 745.54 KINGTON
    Kington, Emily
    I am not a paper plate!
    Summary:Rescue paper plates and cups from your recycling bin to make a stegosaurus or a busy beehive. With step-by-step instructions you can create amazing art from leftover stuff!
    ISBN:“1541555155 (lb : alk. paper)”, “9781541555150 (lb : alk. paper)”

  • J 745.54 NELSON
    Nelson, Louise
    Cardboard eco activities
    Summary:"Simple activities show children how to make a difference to the environment by reusing cardboard to make costumes, chameleons, and dollhouses"–
    ISBN:1427128634, 9781427128638, 1427128596, 9781427128591, 9781427128676

  • J 745.56 NELSON
    Nelson, Louise
    Metal eco activities
    Summary:"Simple activities show children how to make a difference to the environment by reusing metal to make bird feeders, pots for plants, and tin-can phones"–
    ISBN:1427128650, 9781427128652, 1427128618, 9781427128614, 9781427128690

  • J 745.572 NELSON
    Nelson, Louise
    Plastic eco activities
    Summary:"Simple activities show children how to make a difference to the environment by reusing plastic to make planters, pictures, and flowers"–
    ISBN:1427128669, 9781427128669, 1427128626, 9781427128621, 9781427128706

  • J 745.592 KINGTON
    Kington, Emily
    I am not a paper roll!
    Summary:"Rescue paper rolls from your recycling bin to make zoo animals or a magnificent castle. With step-by-step instructions your can create amazing art from leftover stuff!" — Back cover.
    ISBN:“1541555198 (lb : alk. paper)”, “9781541555198 (lb : alk. paper)”

  • J 746 NELSON
    Nelson, Louise
    Clothing eco activities
    Summary:"Simple activities show children how to make a difference to the environment by reusing clothing to make bags, pots for plants, and new shoes"–
    ISBN:1427128642, 9781427128645, 142712860X, 9781427128607, 9781427128683

  • J 791.4375 DISNEY
    Disney Book Group (COR)
    Disney maps : a magical atlas of the movies we know and love.
    Summary:"From the fairytale forest of Snow White to the contemporary world of Toy Story, Disney and Pixar movies do an amazing job of introducing unique worlds. Those worlds have now been mapped out. Each of the twenty-four beautifully illustrated maps brings tolife the movies we know and love, and each comes with further information about the movie and the characters"–
    ISBN:“136801867X : HRD”, “9781368018678 : HRD”

  • J 791.84 LAURYSSENS
    Lauryssens, Molly.
    Intro to rodeo
    ISBN:“9781532152313 ((ebk.))”, “9781532113437 ((lib. bdg.))”

  • J 796.323 GRAVES
    Graves, Will
    Summary:"This title tells the story of the National Basketball Association, from its founding more than 70 years ago to its status today as a world-class showcase for basketball talent. Readers will learn about the league’s stars, coaches, and dynasties, as well as its growth and how it has embraced international players. Features include infographics, a glossary, websites, source notes, and an index.."–Amazon.
    ISBN:1532192088, 9781532192081

  • J 796.323 HOEHN
    Hoehn, Jim
    Summary:"This title tells the story of the Women’s National Basketball Association, from its founding in the 1990s to its status today as a world-class showcase for basketball talent. Readers will learn about the league’s stars, teams, and coaches, as well as player efforts to earn higher pay. Features include infographics, a glossary, references, websites, source notes, and an index."–Amazon.
    ISBN:1532192118, 9781532192111

  • J 796.332 COOPER
    Cooper, Robert (Football writer)
    New England Patriots
    Summary:"This title examines the history of the New England Patriots, telling the story of the franchise and its top players, greatest games, and most thrilling moments. This book includes informative sidebars, high-energy photos, a timeline, a team file, and a glossary. SportsZone is an imprint of Abdo Publishing Company." —
    ISBN:“1644941112 (pbk.)”, “9781644941119 (pbk.)”, 1532118570, 9781532118579

  • J 796.334 MARTHALER
    Marthaler, Jon
    Summary:"This title tells the story of Major League Soccer, from its origins in the 1990s to its modern explosion in popularity. Readers will learn about the history of American professional soccer, the league’s greatest stars, and the incredible growth MLS has undergone in the first decades of the twenty-first century. Features include infographics, a glossary, websites, source notes, and an index."–Amazon.
    ISBN:153219207X, 9781532192074

  • J 796.334 MARTHALER
    Marthaler, Jon
    US women’s professional soccer
    Summary:Learn more about the different women’s professional soccer leagues in the United States over the years along with the stars that played in them. This book includes informative sidebars, high-energy photos, and a glossary.
    ISBN:1532117469, 9781532117466

  • J 796.357 GITLIN
    Gitlin, Marty
    Summary:"This title tells the story of Major League Baseball, from its beginnings more than a century ago to its status today as the home of America’s pastime. Readers will learn about the league’s greatest stars, coaches, and dynasties, as well as the most iconic ballparks and sport-rocking scandals. Features include infographics, a glossary, websites, source notes, and an index."–Amazon.
    ISBN:1532192061, 9781532192067

  • J 796.44 NICKS
    Nicks, Erin
    Best female gymnasts of all time
    Summary:"This title introduces fans to some of the best female gymnasts of all time. The title features informative sidebars, exciting photos, a glossary, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards." — Publisher’s website.
    ISBN:1532192347, 9781532192340

  • J 796.5 MCKINNEY
    McKinney, Donna Bowen.
    ISBN:1532190492, 9781532190490

  • J 796.962 NICKS
    Nicks, Erin
    Summary:"This title tells the story of the National Hockey League, from its founding in Canada more than a century ago to its status today as a world-class showcase for hockey talent. Readers will learn about the league’s stars, coaches, and venues, as well as its Stanley Cup and controversies within the sport. Features include infographics, a glossary, websites, source notes, and an index."–Amazon.
    ISBN:153219210X, 9781532192104

  • J 798.23 SANDERSON
    Sanderson, Whitney
    Intro to dressage
    Summary:This title explores everything a young horse lover would want to know about dressage, from the history to the movements involved.
    ISBN:9781532113390, 1532113390

  • J 798.24 SANDERSON
    Sanderson, Whitney
    Intro to eventing
    Summary:"Humans are not the only athletes competing in sports. Saddle Up! Introduces readers to equestrian sports, where the horses are just as much top athletes as their riders. With information on training, conditioning, and the rules of the game, these books are sure to be popular among sports fan and animal lovers alike."–Page 4 of cover.
    ISBN:9781532113406, 1532113404

  • J 798.25 ASWELL
    Aswell, Sarah
    Intro to show jumping
    Summary:Explains what show jumping is, including its history and the rules of the competition.
    ISBN:“1532113447 (lib. bdg.)”, “9781532113444 (lib. bdg.)”

  • J 798.4 SANDERSON
    Sanderson, Whitney
    Intro to horse racing
    ISBN:“9781532152306 (ebook)”, “9781532113420 (lib. bdg.)”

  • J 910 MILLS
    Mills, Andrea.
    Countries of the world : our world in pictures
    Summary:Take a fascinating around-the-globe tour, with a stopover in every nation on every continent, in this picture-packed children’s book. Discover the countries of the world–exploring their geography, wildlife, traditions, and arts–in this picture-packed children’s book. Every country profile is full of photos, and each nation has a full-color map detailing its main cities, landscape features, and borders, and exactly where in the world they are. At-a-glance panels provide a quick reference to all the stats, and the easy-to-read text is full of fascinating, fun facts. Countries of the World shows the many unique things that make one country different from another but might also reveal surprising similarities. Did you know that Cuba’s national sport is baseball, one of the most popular sports in the US? And that kids in both Japan and Chile have earthquake drills on their school schedules? Find out about anything from the spookily vibrant Day of the Dead parade in Mexico and the beautiful springtime cherry blossom displays of Japan to blueberry picking in Sweden and India’s space program. So pack your bags, decide your destination, and begin your journey.
    ISBN:“1465491503 :”, “9781465491503 :”

  • J 910.9 DALY
    Daly-Weir, Catherine
    What was the Age of Exploration?
    Summary:"Before the fifteenth century, European sailors were unsure what waited for them beyond their well-known travel routes around the Mediterranean Sea, so they kept within sight of land. But all of that changed after Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal started sending ships down the coast in the hope of finding a sea route to India and Africa. This was the beginning of a giant leap toward understanding what the globe actually looked like. Certain European nations grew rich and powerful from the New World gold and lands they claimed, while advanced, long-standing civilizations like the Aztecs and Incas were destroyed in the cruelest of ways."–
    ISBN:0593093836, 9780593093832

  • J 910.91634 MESSNER
    Messner, Kate
    The Titanic
    Summary:"A nonfiction book about the hidden truth behind the sinking of the Titanic with sidebars, illustrations, photos, and graphic panels"–
    ISBN:0593120442, 9780593120446, 0593120434, 9780593120439

  • J 912 MARTIN
    Martin, Claudia
    Children’s world atlas
    Summary:"From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, children can explore all corners of the world through perfectly rendered, clearly annotated maps. They can learn about natural habitats and busy cities; ancient traditions and modern lifestyles; and the landmarks and achievements that make each country unique."–
    ISBN:1838576398, 9781838576394

  • J 912.73 BOYER
    Boyer, Crispin
    Ultimate U.S. road trip atlas : maps, games, activities, and more for hours of backseat fun!.
    Summary:Presents new games, fun facts, pictures, and activity suggestions for kids, including easy-to-read maps and coverage of topics ranging from wacky road signs to national monuments.
    ISBN:“1725469944 : PBD”, “9781725469945 : PBD”

  • J 912.73 NATIONAL
    National Geographic kids United States atlas.
    Summary:Maps, photographs, illustrations, and text present information about the regions and states of the United States.
    ISBN:1426338228, 9781426338229, 142633821X, 9781426338212

  • J 929.92 BUTTERFIELD
    Butterfield, Moira
    The flag book
    Summary:Flags are all around us. Every country has one, and they can be spotted flying from buildings, fluttering from ship masts, and waving during celebrations and sporting events. But have you ever wondered what they mean? This fact-packed guide takes you around the world, flag by flag, to discover what the colors, patterns, and symbols say about each country, its history, and its people. Perfect for budding vexillologists everywhere!
    ISBN:1788683099, 9781788683098, 1788683102, 9781788683104

  • J 932.01 ALEXANDER
    Alexander, Heather
    A child’s introduction to Egyptology : the mummies, pyramids, pharaohs, gods, and goddesses
    Summary:"A charmingly illustrated exploration of the wonders of Ancient Egypt — from pyramids and mummies to pharaohs and gods–for curious kids ages 8 to 11 to enjoy"–
    ISBN:0762471573, 9780762471577, 9780762471584

  • J 974.7 BYRD
    Byrd, Robert
    Liberty arrives! : how America’s grandest statue found her home
    Summary:"An informative, illustrated history of the Statue of Liberty and how it came to America"–
    ISBN:9780525554523, 9780525554516, 073523082X, 9780735230828

May Arrivals

  • J 398.245 CHILDRENS
    Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
    Children’s book of mythical beasts & magical monsters.
    Summary:Retells and explains mythical stories passed down through the generations by ancient cultures from around the world on such topics as heroes, creation, monsters, gods, and immorality.
    ISBN:“1549049615 : PBD”, “9781549049613 : PBD”

  • J 523.1 SUTTER
    Sutter, Paul M.
    Your Place in the Universe : Understanding Our Big, Messy Existence
    ISBN:“1633886638 : PAP”, “9781633886636 : PAP”

  • J 560.92 GIBSON
    Gibson, Karen Bush
    Paleontologists : with STEM projects for kids
    Summary:Provides a brief overview of paleontology, highlighting five women who made breakthrough discoveries in the field and providing five activities, including creating a paleontological model, preparing specimens, and naming dinosaurs.
    ISBN:“1725459388 : PBD”, “9781725459380 : PBD”

  • J 567.9 BAKER
    Baker, Miranda.
    Ultimate earth. Explore discover learn Dinosaurs :
    Summary:"Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the Earth. This book brings readers face-to-face with the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, Argentinosaurus, Ornithomimus, and many others and explores what scientists think they looked like, what they ate, and more. Features fun facts and flaps to lift throughout."–Provided by publisher.
    ISBN:1944530320, 9781944530327

  • J 582.16 DEBBINK
    Debbink, Andrea
    Summary:This field guide highlights 100 trees found throughout the world. Readers will gain a greater understanding about the appearance of each tree and will be able to identify these plants after seeing the vivid photographs and useful labels within the book.
    ISBN:1532193076, 9781532193071

  • J 597 FOREST
    Forest, Christopher
    ISBN:153219305X, 9781532193057

  • J 597 SHUMAKER
    Kempf Shumaker, Debra
    Fresh, funky fish : odd facts about fascinating fish
    Summary:"Fish have fins and gills and tails. All fish swim and most have scales. But not all fish act or look the same. From zapping, stinging, even singing…With examples of different fish for each description, as well as extensive backmatter explaining the fascinating science behind these variety of fish"–
    ISBN:076246884X, 9780762468843

  • J 598 ABELL
    Abell, Tracy
    ISBN:1532193041, 9781532193040

  • J 599 PERDEW
    Perdew, Laura
    ISBN:1532193068, 9781532193064

  • J 631.875 DONNELLY
    Donnelly, Rebecca
    Green machine : the slightly gross truth about turning your food scraps into green energy
    Summary:"Composting is cool! Discover the innovation and science that transform food waste into green energy. See how food scaps are collected, composted, and processed, creating biogas and electricity from trash. It’s a green machine! Celebrate sustainability and learn about the important role we humans can play in the energy cycle." –book jacket.
    ISBN:1250304067, 9781250304063

  • J 635 SPALDING
    Spalding, Maddie
    Growing a pizza garden
    Summary:Shares how to make a pizza garden during the summer, including finding a sunny spot, laying down compost, and planting pizza ingredients.
    ISBN:“1503823792 : LIB”, “9781503823792 : LIB”

  • J 688.725 MARCH
    March, Julia
    LEGO life hacks : 50 cool ideas to make your LEGO bricks work for you!
    Summary:"This book is bursting with more than 50 smart ideas to streamline your life and accessorize your space. You’ll find stationery hacks help you organize your desk, cool ideas to make the most of your tech, and gadgets to blitz your boring chores. From a speaker that amplifies your phone, a weekly planner made of LEGO bricks, and a catapult that flings paper into the wastepaper basket, these ideas will make your LEGO bricks work for you. Discover ways to personalize your living space, from photo frames to brick-built houseplants, plus smart ways to display your favorite LEGO builds and minifigures. These creative ideas will inspire you to use your LEGO bricks in awesome new ways."–
    ISBN:0744027322, 9780744027327

  • J 690 SCHUH
    Schuh, Mari C.
    All about construction workers
    Summary:"Abby loves her community and the construction workers that built it! Construction workers create everything from sidewalks to buildings. This engaging approach to curricular content invites readers to learn all about construction workers"–
    ISBN:1728413931, 9781728413938, 1541589971, 9781541589971

  • J 745.5 GIBSON
    Gibson, Roberta Lynn
    How to build an insect
    Summary:"Visit a whimsical workshop and follow along as we learn How To Build an Insect! Conversational text and playful illustrations introduce readers to insect body parts in this charming picture book."–
    ISBN:9781728401478, “1541578112 : SAL”, “9781541578111 : SAL”

  • J 796.525 SOONTORNVAT
    Soontornvat, Christina
    All thirteen : the incredible cave rescue of the Thai boys’ soccer team
    Summary:"On June 23, 2018, twelve young players of the Wild Boars soccer team and their coach enter a cave in northern Thailand seeking an afternoon’s adventure. But when they turn to leave, rising floodwaters block their path out. The boys are trapped! Before long, news of the missing team spreads, launching a seventeen-day rescue operation involving thousands of rescuers from around the globe. Combining firsthand interviews of rescue workers with in-depth science and details of the region’s culture and religion, [the author]…masterfully shows how both the complex engineering operation above ground and the mental struggles of the thirteen young people below proved critical in the life-or-death mission." —
    ISBN:1536209457, 9781536209457

  • J 811.608 CONSTRUCTION
    Construction people
    Summary:Fourteen poems compiled by award-winning poet and anthologist Lee Bennett Hopkins introduce readers to the various construction people who collaborate to create a high-rise hotel building, from architect to crane operator to glaziers and more. How does an empty lot transform into a new hotel? This anthology begins with a busy construction site, and an architect’s (and her daughter’s) dreams drawn on blueprint paper. Next, workers with huge machines–backhoes, dump trucks, cement mixers, etc.–roll in. Poems full of noise and action describe every step of the construction process. From welders and carpenters building the skeleton of the building to plumbers and electricians making its insides work, this book celebrates people and equipment working together to build something magnificent.
    ISBN:1684373611, 9781684373611