Children’s New Arrivals – Graphic Novel

July Arrivals

    Hirsch, Andy
    The American bison : the buffalo’s survival tale
    Summary:"In the early 18th century the American prairies shook under the hooves of nearly 30 million bison. Fast as a horse, tall as a person, and heavier than both combined, they roamed from coast to coast. A century later, people struggled to find a single one left alive. How did the great herds disappear, and what will it take to bring them back?"–
    ISBN:1250265827, 9781250265821

    Smith, Brian (Comic book writer)
    Pea, Bee, & Jay, Lift off
    Summary:"Jay the blue jay has never learned to fly, which has never been a problem . . . until a crew of super cool birds touch down at the farm and invite him to play some super cool flying games. Now Jay needs to figure out how to fly–and fast–before he misses out on all the fun. Lucky for him, his best buds Pea and Bee know just what to do…"–
    ISBN:1713758490, 9781713758495, 0062981234, 9780062981233, 0062981226, 9780062981226

    Yu, Bill
    Taking Flight
    ISBN:“9781532138331 (lib. bdg.)”, “1644944820 : PAP”, “9781644944820 : PAP”