Children’s New Arrivals – Fiction

December Arrivals

    Anderson, John David
    Summary:"When scientists discover a rare and mysterious mineral buried in the Earth’s crust, they have no idea that it just happens to be the most valuable substance in the entire universe. It’s not long before aliens show up to our little corner of the galaxy offering a promise of protection, some fabulous new technology, and entry into their intergalactic coalition-all in exchange for this precious resource. A material so precious that other alien forces are willing to start a war over it. A war that soon makes its way to Earth. Leo knows this all too well. His mother was killed in one such attack, and soon after, his father, a Coalition scientist, decides it would be best for them to leave Earth behind. It’s on this expedition that their ship is attacked, Leo’s father is kidnapped, and Leo and his brother are stranded in the middle of space. The only chance they have is for Leo to stow away on a strange ship of mercenary space pirates bound for who knows where and beg the captain to help him find his father. But the road is dangerous, and pirates, of course, only look out for themselves. Leo must decide who to trust as he tries to stay alive and save his family, even as he comes to understand that there aren’t many people-human or alien-that he can count on in this brave new universe."–Dust jacket.
    ISBN:0062985949, 9780062985941

    Raum, Elizabeth
    Storm warning
    Summary:No matter how hard twelve-year-old North Olson tries to do what’s right, he can’t seem to please his dad. When a major flood threatens to destroy his hometown, North is left in charge of his little sister Rosie. A blizzard blows in and his great-grandmother disappears. Can North find his great-grandmother and keep Rosie safe as the flood waters continue to rise? Will he finally make his dad proud?
    ISBN:“1478870575 (hardcover)”, “9781478870579 (hardcover)”

    Roux, Madeleine
    Dungeon academy : no humans allowed!
    Summary:"When Zellidora "Zelli" Stormclash seeks answers to her true lineage, she embarks on a dangerous adventure"–
    ISBN:“0063039125 : HRD”, “9780063039124 : HRD”

    Valenti, Karla
    Summary:In Oaxaca City, Mexico, ancient friends Life and Death discuss free will while engaged in a game of chance, with eleven-year-old Clara as the protagonist of their theories and a pawn in their game, moving inevitably towards her ultimate fate. Includes author’s notes and reader’s guide.
    ISBN:0593176979, 9780593176979, 0593176960, 9780593176962, 9780593176986