Children’s New Arrivals – Biography

April Arrivals

    D’Aquino, Andrea
    A life made by hand : the story of Ruth Asawa
    Summary:Describes the life and artwork of the influential sculptor, from her childhood in a farming family and her avant-garde art style to her activism for arts education.
    ISBN:“1616898364 : HRD”, “9781616898366 : HRD”

    Wessels, Marcie
    The boy who thought outside the box : the story of video game inventor Ralph Baer
    Summary:"A picture book biography of Ralph Baer, nicknamed "The Father of Videogames," which shows how a great inventor found a way to transform the early television set into a vehicle for gaming"–
    ISBN:1454932597, 9781454932598

    Conrad, Vicki
    Just like Beverly
    Summary:"A beautifully illustrated children’s biography of Beverly Cleary, from her roots in Portland to her years as a librarian and an eventual children’s book writer. The debut book in Little Bigfoot’s new Growing to Greatness series of notable people from the Pacific Northwest"–
    ISBN:1632172224, 9781632172228

    Donald, Alison
    The spacesuit : how a seamstress helped put man on the moon
    Summary:Recounts the story of the seamstress who led a team of talented seamstresses behind the spacesuit that astronauts wore on the first moon walk.
    ISBN:“1848864159 : SAL”, “9781848864153 : SAL”

    Silvey, Anita
    Summary:As a young scientist, Galdikas had a mission: to find and study the elusive orangutans of Borneo’s rain forest to help protect this amazing and elusive species. Award-winning author Silvey explores the life and legacy of this incredible and little-known primatologist. Full color.
    ISBN:9781426333576, 9781426333569

    Anderson, Beth
    Lizzie demands a seat! : Elizabeth Jennings fights for streetcar rights
    Summary:One hundred years before Rosa Parks took her stand, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jennings tried to board a streetcar in New York City on her way to church. Though there were plenty of empty seats, she was denied entry, assaulted, and threatened all because of her race — even though New York was a free state at that time. Lizzie decided to fight back. She told her story, took her case to court — where future president Chester Arthur represented her — and won! Her victory was the first recorded in the fight for equal rights on public transportation, and Lizzie’s case set a precedent.
    ISBN:1629799394, 9781629799391

    Winter, Jonah
    Mother Jones and her army of Mill Children
    Summary:The story of Mother Jones, an Irish immigrant who was essential in the fight to create child labor laws. Well into her sixties, Mother Jones had finally had enough of children working long hours in dangerous factory jobs, and decided she was going to do something about it. The powerful protests she organized earned her the name "the most dangerous woman in America." And in the Children’s Crusade of 1903, she lead one hundred boys and girls on a glorious march from Philadelphia right to the front door of President Theodore Roosevelt’s Long Island home. — adapted from
    ISBN:9780449812938, 0449812928, 9780449812921, 044981291X, 9780449812914

    Mangal, Mélina
    The vast wonder of the world : biologist Ernest Everett Just
    Summary:Presents the life and accomplishments of the African American scientist, whose keen observations of sea creatures revealed new insights about egg cells and the origins of life.
    ISBN:“1512483753 (library binding : alk. paper)”, “9781512483758 (library binding : alk. paper)”, 9781541524712

    Browne, Anthony
    Little Frida : a story of Frida Kahlo
    Summary:"Following a bout with polio at the age of six, Frida Kahlo’s life was marked by pain and loneliness. In real life she walked with a limp, but in her dreams she flew. One day her imagination took her on a journey to a girl in white who could dance without pain and hold her secrets, an indelible figure who would find her way into Frida’s art in years to come. Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s diary, Anthony Browne captures the essence of the artist’s early flights of fancy and depicts both Frida and her imaginary friend in vivid illustrations evoking Kahlo’s iconic style. A note at the end offers a brief biography of the artist who has intrigued art lovers the world over."–
    ISBN:1536209333, 9781536209334

    Fleming, Candace
    Cubs in the tub : the true story of the Bronx Zoo’s first woman keeper
    Summary:"Readers are told the story of Helen Martini’s care for lion and tiger cubs, and her emergence as the Bronx Zoo’s first woman zookeeper"–
    ISBN:0823443183, 9780823443185

    Sidman, Joyce
    The girl who drew butterflies : how Maria Merian’s art changed science
    Summary:"Newbery-Honor winning author Joyce Sidman explores the extraordinary life and scientific discoveries of Maria Merian, who discovered the truth about metamorphosis and documented the science behind the mystery in this visual biography that features many original paintings by Maria herself."–
    ISBN:“1725423812 : PBD”, “9781725423817 : PBD”

    Labrecque, Ellen
    Who was Levi Strauss?
    Summary:"As a young working-class German immigrant, Levi Strauss left his family’s dry goods business in New York City to journey out west for the California Gold Rush. Only Levi wasn’t looking for gold — he wanted to provide the miners with sturdy clothes to wear while they worked in the dusty river beds. His solution? Blue jeans — pants made of strong denim fabric — which have become one of the most beloved and fashionable clothing items in the world."–
    ISBN:0593224604, 9780593224601

    Lyon, Lea
    Ready to fly : how Sylvia Townsend became the bookmobile ballerina
    Summary:Ready to Fly is the true story of Sylvia Townsend, an African American girl who falls in love with ballet after seeing Swan Lake on TV. Although there aren’t many ballet schools that will accept a girl like Sylvia in the 1950s, her local bookmobile provides another possibility. A librarian helps Sylvia find a book about ballet and the determined seven-year-old, with the help of her new books, starts teaching herself the basics of classical ballet. Soon Sylvia learns how to fly– how to dance–and how to dare to dream. Includes a note from the author and a brief history of the bookmobile
    ISBN:0062888781, 9780062888785

May Arrivals

    Knudsen, Michelle
    Nellie Bly
    Summary:Introduces young readers to the life of the pioneering investigative reporter, her record-breaking trip around the world, and her undercover work on behalf of the mentally ill.
    ISBN:“1713764237 (follettbound)”, “9781713764236 (follettbound)”, “0593115759 (paperback)”, “9780593115756 (paperback)”, “0593115740 (hardcover)”, “9780593115749 (hardcover)”

    Brown, Monica
    Small room, big dreams : the journey of Julián and Joaquin Castro
    Summary:"The story of political powerhouse twins Julián and Joaquin Castro began in the small room that they shared with their grandmother Victoriana in San Antonio, Texas. Victoriana crossed the border from Mexico into Texas as a six-year-old orphan, marking the start of the family’s American journey. Her daughter Rosie, Julián and Joaquin’s mom, was an activist who helped the barrio through local government. The strong women in their family inspired the twins to get involved in politics. Julián and Joaquin have been working at the local, state, and national level–as a former presidential candidate, mayor and member of President Obama’s Cabinet, and a U.S. Congressman, respectively–to make the country a better place for everyone."–
    ISBN:“0062985736 :”, 9780062985736