Children’s New Arrivals – Biography

June Arrivals

    Chandler, Matt
    Coco Gauff : tennis champion
    Summary:"Coco Gauff won the Junior title at the 2018 French Open when she was just 13 years old. She is a fan-favorite on the pro-tennis circuit, going so far as to beat her idol, Venus Williams. Find out how Gauff went from initially not liking the sport to becoming a teenage tennis legend. Learn how passion, hard work, and the support of her family took her to the top"–
    ISBN:1496695240, 9781496695246

    Kim, Cheryl
    Naomi Osaka : grand slam champ
    Summary:"Naomi Osaka is the first Asian tennis player to hold the number one singles ranking in the Women’s Tennis Association. She started to make a name for herself at 16 and is now known around the world. Osaka has defeated the toughest players in the league and her talent continues to rise each year. Read more about this skilled tennis star!"–
    ISBN:1666323292, 9781666323290, 1663983593, 9781663983596