Children’s New Arrivals – Biography

March Arrivals

    Janisch, Heinz
    Hans Christian Andersen : the journey of his life
    Summary:"Through an enchanting conversation with a young girl in a horse-drawn coach, Hans Christian Andersen shares his life’s struggles, dreams, and triumphs–whose threads can be found woven into his greatest stories."–
    ISBN:0735843880, 9780735843882

    Turk, Evan
    A thousand glass flowers : Marietta Barovier and the invention of the rosetta bead
    Summary:As a child in fifteenth-century Murano, Italy, Marietta Barovier is drawn to her father’s workshop and, although glass blowing is men’s work, she later revives the lost art of millefiori.
    ISBN:9781534410350, “1534410341 : SAL”, “9781534410343 : SAL”

    Bryant, Jennifer
    Above the rim : how Elgin Baylor changed basketball
    Summary:"Though not as widely known as other basketball legends, hall-of-famer Elgin Baylor was one of the game’s all-time greatest players-an innovative athlete, team player, and quiet force for change. A member of the early, scrappy NBA and one of the first professional African American players, Elgin (b. 1934) played in the late 1950s and early 1960s for the Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers, taking risks on and off the court. Known for his acrobatic style of moving and shooting, he inspired others to get creative with their game. But when traveling for away games, hotels and restaurants weren’t as welcoming of Elgin as they were of his white teammates. Together, Elgin and his teammates boycotted places practicing segregation until the entire NBA followed suit. From picture book powerhouses Jen Bryant and Frank Morrison, Above the Rim is a peek into the early days of the NBA, a poetic telling of the life of an under-known athlete, and a celebration of standing up for what is right"–
    ISBN:141974108X, 9781419741081

    Wetzel, Dan
    Epic athletes : Simone Biles
    Summary:"The seventh book in a middle-grade nonfiction sports series that focuses on today’s superstars and up-and-comers"–
    ISBN:“1250295823 : HRD”, “9781250295828 : HRD”

    Engle, Margarita
    Dancing hands : how Teresa Carreno played the piano for President Lincoln
    Summary:In soaring words and stunning illustrations, Margarita Engle and Rafael López tell the story of Teresa Carreño, a child prodigy who played piano for Abraham Lincoln. As a little girl, Teresa Carreño loved to let her hands dance across the beautiful keys of the piano. If she felt sad, music cheered her up, and when she was happy, the piano helped her share that joy. Soon she was writing her own songs and performing in grand cathedrals. Then a revolution in Venezuela forced her family to flee to the United States. Teresa felt lonely in this unfamiliar place, where few of the people she met spoke Spanish. Worst of all, there was fighting in her new home, too—the Civil War. Still, Teresa kept playing, and soon she grew famous as the talented Piano Girl who could play anything from a folk song to a sonata. So famous, in fact, that President Abraham Lincoln wanted her to play at the White House! Yet with the country torn apart by war, could Teresa’s music bring comfort to those who needed it most?
    ISBN:“148148740X (hardcover)”, “9781481487405 (hardcover)”

    Russell-Brown, Katheryn
    She was the first! : the trailblazing life of Shirley Chisholm
    Summary:"A picture biography of educator and politician Shirley Chisholm, who in 1968 was the first Black woman elected to Congress and in 1972 was the first Black candidate from a major political party (the Democratic party) to run for the United States presidency. An afterword with additional information, photographs, and source lists are included"–
    ISBN:1620143461, 9781620143469

    O’Neill, Alexis
    The efficient, inventive (often annoying) Melvil Dewey
    Summary:"When Melvil Dewey realized every library organized their books differently, he wondered if he could invent a system all libraries could use to organize them efficiently. A rat-a-tat speaker, Melvil was a persistent (and noisy) advocate for free public libraries. And while he made enemies along the way as he pushed for changes–like his battle to establish the first library school with women as students, through it all he was EFFICIENT, INVENTIVE, and often ANNOYING as he made big changes in the world ofpublic libraries–changes still found in the libraries of today!"–
    ISBN:“1684371988 : HRD”, “9781684371983 : HRD”

    Lasky, Kathryn
    She caught the light : Williamina Stevens Fleming: astronomer
    Summary:"Ever since Williamina "Mina" Fleming was little she was curious, and her childhood fascination with light inspired her life’s work. Mina became an astronomer in a time when women were discouraged from even looking through telescopes. Yet Mina believed that the universe, with its billions of stars, was a riddle—and she wanted to help solve it. Mina ultimately helped to create a map of the universe that paved the way for astronomers. Newbery Honor–winning Kathryn Lasky shares her incredible true story."–Dust jacket.
    ISBN:0062849301, 9780062849304

    Maclear, Kyo
    It began with a page : how Gyo Fujikawa drew the way
    Summary:"Gyo Fujikawa’s iconic children’s books are beloved all over the world. Now it’s time for Gyo’s story to be told–a story of artistic talent that refused to be constrained by rules or expectations. Growing up quiet and lonely at the beginning of the twentieth century, Gyo learned from her relatives the ways in which both women and Japanese people lacked opportunity. Her teachers and family believed in her and sent her to art school and later Japan, where her talent flourished. But while Gyo’s career grew and led her to work for Walt Disney Studios, World War II began, and with it, her family’s internment. But Gyo never stopped fighting–for herself, her vision, her family and her readers–and later wrote and illustrated the first children’s book to feature children of different races interacting together."–
    ISBN:0062447629, 9780062447623

    Rappaport, Doreen
    Ruth objects : the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    Summary:A portrait of the trailblazing Supreme Court Justice describes the prejudices that challenged her pursuit of an education and a career in law, her achievements as the second woman ever appointed to the Supreme Court and her important contributions to high-profile cases.
    ISBN:“1484747178 (hardcover)”, “9781484747179 (hardcover)”

    Keating, Francis Anthony
    Summary:"A picture book biography of Alexander Hamilton’s life from boyhood to becoming a Founding Father."–
    ISBN:1534406565, 9781534406568, 9781534406575

    Slade, Suzanne
    Swish! : the slam-dunking, alley-ooping, high-flying Harlem Globetrotters
    Summary:The true story of the high-flying Harlem Globetrotters — the team that changed basketball forever. In this book you will find one-finger ball-spinning, rapid-fire mini-dribbling, and a ricochet head shot! You will find skilled athletes, expert players, and electrifying performers — all rolled into one! You will find nonstop, give-it-all-you’ve-got, out-to-win-it, sky’s-the-limit BASKETBALL! You will find The Harlem Globetrotters, who played the most groundbreaking, breathtaking ball the world had ever seen. With rhythmic writing and dynamic illustrations, Swish! is a celebration of the greatness, goodness, and grit of this remarkable team.
    ISBN:031648167X, 9780316481670

    Grimes, Nikki
    Kamala Harris : rooted in justice
    Summary:"The first-ever picture book biography on Senator Kamala Harris"–
    ISBN:1534462678, 9781534462670, 9781534462687

    Marinov, Isabelle
    The boy whose head was filled with stars : a life of Edwin Hubble
    Summary:"How many stars are in the sky? How did the universe begin? Where did it come from? This is the story of Edwin Hubble, a boy fascinated by the stars who surmounted many hurdles to follow his dreams of becoming an astronomer. Using the insights of great mathematicians and endlessly observing the sky, he succeeded in confirming two things that altered human life forever: that there are more galaxies than our own, and that the universe is always expanding. Hubble’s message to us is to find peace in the vastness of the mystery surrounding us, and to be curious. "We do now know why we are born into the world," he said, "but we can try to find out what sort of world it is.""–
    ISBN:“1592703178 : SAL”, “9781592703173 : SAL”

    Leung, Julie
    The fearless flights of Hazel Ying Lee
    Summary:The story of Hazel Ying Lee, the first Chinese American woman to fly for the US military.
    ISBN:0759554951, 9780759554955

    Aisholpan, Nurgaiv
    The eagle huntress : the true story of the girl who soared beyond expectations
    Summary:"Eagle huntress Aisholpan Nurgaiv shares her story"–
    ISBN:0316522619, 9780316522618, 9780316417952, 9780316522601

    Hopkinson, Deborah.
    Thanks to Frances Perkins : fighter for workers’ rights / written by Deborah Hopkinson, illustrated by Kristy Caldwell
    Summary:Sometimes, one moment changes a person’s life. And that person goes on to change other lives. That’s what happened to Frances Perkins. After she witnessed the 1911 catastrophic fire at the Triangle Waist Company, in which one hundred and forty-six people died, she devoted her life to improving conditions for workers. Frances became the first woman to serve in a president’s cabinet. As Secretary of Labor under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, she helped pass new laws like the 1935 Social Security Act, part of Roosevelt’s New Deal. Today, millions of Americans depend on Social Security benefits. Today, we can thank Frances Perkins for her dedication to the ideal of society where no one is left out
    ISBN:1682631362, 9781682631362

    Abawi, Atia
    Sally Ride
    Summary:"A biography of Sally Ride in the She Persisted series"–
    ISBN:0593115937, 9780593115930, 0593115929, 9780593115923

    Rubin, Susan Goldman.
    Mary Seacole : bound for the battlefield
    Summary:"Honors Mary Seacole’s life, from her childhood in Kingston, Jamaica, and her encounters with racist Americans to her treatment of cholera patients in Panama and her bitter run-in with Florence Nightingale, who declined to work with her in Crimea becauseshe wasn’t white. But Mary Seacole knew that the sick and wounded needed her compassion and care, and despite all obstacles, she answered the call to help them"–
    ISBN:0763679941, 9780763679941

    Tate, Don.
    William Still and his freedom stories : the father of the underground railroad
    Summary:The remarkable, little-known story of William Still, known as the Father of the Underground Railroad from award-winning author-illustrator Don Tate. William Still’s parents escaped slavery but had to leave two of their children behind, a tragedy that haunted the family. As a young man, William went to work for the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society, where he raised money, planned rescues, and helped freedom seekers who had traveled north. And then one day, a strangely familiar man came into William’s office, searching for information about his long-lost family. Could it be? Motivated by his own family’s experience, William began collecting the stories of thousands of other freedom seekers. As a result, he was able to reunite other families and build a remarkable source of information, including encounters with Harriet Tubman, Henry "Box" Brown, and William and Ellen Craft. Don Tate brings to life the incredible true story of William Still’s life and work as a record keeper of enslaved people who had fled to freedom. Tate’s powerful words and artwork are sure to inspire readers in this first-ever picture book biography of the Father of the Underground Railroad.
    ISBN:1561459356, 9781561459353

    James, Josie
    Marie’s ocean : Marie Tharp maps the mountains under the sea
    Summary:A picture-book biography of Marie Tharp, a pioneering scientist and the first person to ever successfully map the ocean floor.
    ISBN:1250214734, 9781250214737

    Keating, Jess
    Ocean speaks : Marie Tharp and the map that moved the earth
    Summary:"From a young age, Marie Tharp loved watching the world. She loved solving problems. And she loved pushing the limits of what girls and women were expected to do and be. In the mid-twentieth century, women were not welcome in the sciences, but Marie was tenacious. She got a job in a laboratory at Cambridge University, New York. But then she faced another barrior: women were not allowed on the research ships (they were considered bad luck on boats). So instead, Marie stayed back and dove deep into the data her colleagues recorded. She mapped point after point and slowly revealed a deep rift valley in the ocean floor. At first the scientific community refused to believe her, but her evidence was irrefutable. She proved to the world that her research was correct. The mid-ocean ridge that Marie discovered is the single largest geographic feature on the planet, and she mapped it all from her small, cramped office."–
    ISBN:0735265089, 9780735265080

    Camerini, Valentina
    Greta’s story : the schoolgirl who went on strike to save the planet
    Summary:"In legislatures all over the world, ten of thousands of serious-looking and stern-sounding politicians sat and discussed an endless range of issues. But they never addressed the problem of the health of the planet. It was time for someone to remind them to step in to protect the environment–and the future of children all over the world. It was an emergency. Everything else could wait. So Greta made a sign, put on her jacket, and went on strike."–Back cover.
    ISBN:1534468773, 9781534468771

    Doeden, Matt
    Greta Thunberg : climate crisis activist
    Summary:"Motivated by government apathy regarding climate change, 15-year-old Greta Thunberg held a demonstration that would ignite a global movement. Read more about Greta and the environmental movement that is changing the world"–
    ISBN:9781728400303, “154159679X : LIB”, “9781541596795 : LIB”

    Davis, Meredith
    Her own two feet : a Rwandan girl’s brave fight to walk
    Summary:Born with curled and twisted feet, the story follows the nine-year-old Rebeka’s journey from Rwanda to the United States for a life-changing surgery.
    ISBN:“1338356372 (hardcover : alk. paper)”, “9781338356373 (hardcover : alk. paper)”

    Hubbard, Rita L.
    The oldest student : how Mary Walker learned to read
    Summary:"A picture book biography sharing the inspiring and incredible true story of the nation’s oldest student, Mary Walker, who learned to read at the age of 116"–
    ISBN:“1524768294 (hardcover library binding)”, “9781524768294 (hardcover library binding)”, “1524768286 (hardcover)”, “9781524768287 (hardcover)”

    Alznauer, Amy
    Flying paintings : the Zhou brothers : a story of revolution and art
    Summary:"First there was one Zhou brother, and then there were two. They lived in a bookstore with their grandmother, Po Po, whose stories of paintings that flew through the air and landed on mountain cliffs inspired them to create their own art. Amid the turbulence of China’s Cultural Revolution in the 1970s, the Zhou Brothers began painting together on the same canvas. Today, ShanZuo and DaHuang Zhou are icons in the art world, renowned for working side by side on all their paintings and sculptures. In this extraordinary biography, author Amy Alznauer joins with the Zhou Brothers to tell the story of their unique and often difficult childhood and their pursuit of a wild, impossible dream. The lyrical writing blends elements of legend, while the brothers’ dramatic illustrations soar with vibrant colors and surreal imagery from ancient Chinese cliff paintings. An inspiration for young artists and dreamers of all kinds, this deeply felt collaboration explores how art can bring people together, as well as set them free." —
    ISBN:1536204285, 9781536204285