Adult New Arrivals – Nonfiction

December Arrivals

  • NEW 028.1 NEW 2021
    The New York times book review : 125 years of literary history
    Summary:"From the longest-running, most trusted book review in America comes a celebration of The New York Times Book Review, including reviews, essays, and interviews, showcasing the best, worst, funniest, strangest, and influential literary coverage since its beginnings in 1896"–
    ISBN:0593234618, 9780593234617, 9780593234624

  • NEW 152.4 FIRTH-GODBEHERE 2021
    Firth-Godbehere, Richard
    A human history of emotion : how the way we feel built the world we know
    Summary:"A sweeping exploration of the ways in which emotions shaped the course of human history, and how our experience and understanding of emotions have evolved along with us"–
    ISBN:0316461318, 9780316461313

  • NEW 152.4 IGNATIEFF 2021
    Ignatieff, Michael
    On consolation : finding solace in dark times
    Summary:"When we lose someone we love, when we suffer loss or defeat, when catastrophe strikes-war, famine, pandemic-we go in search of consolation. Once the province of priests and philosophers, the language of consolation has largely vanished from our modern vocabulary, and the places where it was offered, houses of religion, are often empty. Rejecting the solace of ancient religious texts, humanity since the sixteenth century has increasingly placed its faith in science, ideology, and the therapeutic. How do we console each other and ourselves in an age of unbelief? In a series of lapidary meditations on writers, artists, musicians, and their works-from the books of Job and Psalms to Albert Camus, Anna Akhmatova, and Primo Levi-esteemed writer and historian Michael Ignatieff shows how men and women in extremity have looked to each other across time to recover hope and resilience. Recreating the moments when great figures found the courage to confront their fate and the determination to continue unafraid, On Consolation takes those stories into the present, movingly contending that we can revive these traditions of consolation to meet the anguish and uncertainties of our precarious twenty-first century"–
    ISBN:9781250810083, “0805055215 : HRD”, “9780805055214 : HRD”

  • NEW 155.937 HOPFGARTEN 2021
    Hopfgarten, Christine
    Finding your way through loss and grief : a therapist’s guide to working through any grieving process
    Summary:In this practical guide, psychotherapist Christine Hopfgarten looks in detail at the different reasons that we may encounter feelings of loss, including bereavement, relationship break-up, loss of a job, fertility problems or miscarriage, and illness. The book clearly lays out the possible stages of grief and shows you how to move through the grieving process. By blending clinical knowledge with insights from those with lived experienced, this guide will help you make sense of your emotions and gain an understanding of how these fit into your own unique experience of grief. Christine gives advice specific to each experience of loss, and uses exercises applicable to your situation. You will discover the importance of acknowledging where you are in your own unique journey – it is only then that you can move forward.
    ISBN:178956283X, 9781789562835

  • NEW 158.1 LIEBERMANN 2021
    Liebermann, Albert
    Ganbatte! : the Japanese art of always moving forward
    Summary:"Ganbatte (gan-ba-tay) is a Japanese philosophy focused on doing the best you can with what you have. Though there is no direct translation, ‘keep going,’ and ‘give it your all,’ embody the sentiments behind the word. Just as wabi sabi shows the beauty of imperfection in life, ganbatte teaches you how to get past obstacles and be motivated to keep moving forward. In Ganbatte! author Albert Liebermann provides an inspirational, yet practical guide to becoming more resilient the Japanese way. In 50 short chapters, some deeper and some more playful, Liebermann guides you through ways you can adopt the ganbatte approach to achieve a happier, more fulfilling life— and a happier, more fulfilled self." —
    ISBN:4805316543, 9784805316542

  • NEW 306.362 HARDESTY 2021
    Hardesty, Jared
    Mutiny on the Rising Sun : a tragic tale of slavery, smuggling, and chocolate
    Summary:"Mutiny on the Rising Sun is a deeply human history of smuggling that demonstrates how interconnected the future United States was with the wider world, how illegal trade created markets for exotic products like chocolate, and how slavery and smuggling were key factors in the development of American capitalism"–
    ISBN:9781479813148, 9781479810215, “147981248X : HRD”, “9781479812486 : HRD”

  • NEW 317.3 WORLD 2022
    The world almanac and book of facts, 2022
    Summary:The World Almanac® is America’s bestselling reference book of all time, with more than 83 million copies sold. For more than 150 years, this compendium of information has been the authoritative source for school, library, business, and home. The 2022 edition of The World Almanac reviews the biggest events of 2021 and will be your go-to source for questions on any topic in the upcoming year. Praised as a “treasure trove of political, economic, scientific and educational statistics and information” by The Wall Street Journal, The World Almanac and Book of Facts will answer all of your trivia needs effortlessly.
    ISBN:“1510766537 (pbk.) :”, “9781510766532 (pbk.) :”

  • NEW 331.1378 STOCKMAN 2021
    Stockman, Farah
    American made : what happens to people when work disappears
    Summary:"Shannon, Wally, and John built their lives around their place of work. Shannon, a white single mother, became the first woman to run the factory’s dangerous furnaces at the Rexnord manufacturing plant in Indianapolis and was proud of producing one of the world’s top brands of steel bearings. Wally, a black man known for his initiative and kindness, was promoted to become chairman of efficiency, one of the most coveted posts on the factory floor, and dreamed of starting his own barbecue business one day. John, a white machine operator, came from a multigenerational union family and clashed with a work environment that was increasingly hostile to organized labor. When the factory closed, hundreds of people lost their jobs. What had life been like for Shannon, Wally, and John, before the factory closed? And what became of them after the factory moved to Mexico and Texas? American Made is a story about people and a community struggling to reinvent itself. It is also a story about race, class, and American values, and how jobs serve as a bedrock of people’s lives and drive powerful social justice movements. This revealing book is also about this political moment, when joblessness and uncertainty about the future of work have made themselves heard at a national level."–
    ISBN:1984801155, 9781984801159

  • NEW 336.2 TOP 2022
    Top federal tax issues for 2022 : CPE course
    ISBN:0808056964, 9780808056966

  • NEW 338.927 HESTER 2021
    Hester, Tanja
    Wallet activism : how to use every dollar you spend, earn, and save as a force for change
    Summary:"From Tanja Hester, Our Next Life blogger and author of Work Optional, comes the mindset-shifting guide to help you put your money where your mouth is. Wallet Activism is not a list of dos and don’ts that will soon become outdated, nor does it call for anti-consumerist perfection"–
    ISBN:9781953295934, “1953295592 : PAP”, “9781953295590 : PAP”

  • NEW 343.73 LASSERS 2022
    J.K. Lasser’s your income tax 2022 : for preparing your 2021 tax return
    Summary:This bestselling tax reference, updated to reflect the changes to the 2021 tax code, offers step-by-step instructions that guide you through the worksheets and forms needed to file your taxes according to the best tax strategy for your financial situation.
    ISBN:1119839211, 9781119839217

  • NEW 363.325 LEHR 2021
    Lehr, Dick
    White hot hate : a true story of domestic terrorism in America’s heartland
    Summary:"For fans of I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, the thrilling true story of a would-be terrorist attack against a Kansas farming town’s immigrant community, and the FBI informant who exposed it. In the spring of 2016, as immigration debates rocked the United States, three men in a militia group known as the Crusaders grew aggravated over one Kansas town’s growing Somali community. They decided that complaining about their new neighbors and threatening them directly wasn’t enough. The men plotted to bomb a mosque, aiming to kill hundreds and inspire other attacks against Muslims in America. But they would wait until after the presidential election, so that their actions wouldn’t hurt Donald Trump’s chances of winning. An FBI informant befriended the three men, acting as law enforcement’s eyes and ears for six months. His secretly taped conversations with the militia were pivotal in obstructing their plans and were a lynchpin in the resulting trial and convictions for conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. White Hot Hate will tell the riveting true story of an averted case of domestic terrorism in one of the most remote towns in the US, not far from the infamous town where Capote’s In Cold Blood was set. In the gripping details of this foiled scheme, we see in intimate focus the chilling, immediate threat of domestic terrorism-and racist anxiety in America writ large. "–
    ISBN:0358359902, 9780358359906

  • NEW 551.21 ANDREWS 2022
    Andrews, Robin George.
    Super volcanoes : what they reveal about Earth and the worlds beyond
    Summary:"An exhilarating, time-traveling journey to the solar system’s strangest and most awe-inspiring volcanoes. Volcanoes are capable of acts of pyrotechnical prowess verging on magic: they spout black magma more fluid than water, create shimmering cities of glass at the bottom of the ocean and frozen lakes of lava on the moon, and can even tip entire planets over. Despite their reputation for destruction, volcanoes are inseparable from the creation of our planet. Super Volcanoes revels in the incomparable power of volcanic eruptions past and present, Earth-bound and otherwise, and explores how these eruptions reveal secrets about the worlds to which they belong. Science journalist and volcanologist Robin George Andrews describes the stunning ways in which volcanoes can sculpt the sea, land, and sky, and even influence the machinery that makes or breaks the existence of life. Traveling from Hawaii, Tanzania, Yellowstone, and the ocean floor to the moon, Venus, and Mars, Andrews explores cutting-edge discoveries and lingering scientific mysteries surrounding these phenomenal forces of nature"–
    ISBN:9780393542073, “0393542068 : HRD”, “0393542068 (hardcover)”, 9780393542073, “9780393542066 : HRD”, “9780393542066 (hardcover)”

  • NEW 577.78 FRYLINCK 2021
    Frylinck, Ross
    Underwater wild : My octopus teacher’s extraordinary world
    Summary:"From the creators of the Academy Award-nominated documentary My Octopus Teacher, an immersive journey into the underwater world that inspired it–and holds transformative lessons for us all"–
    ISBN:0358664756, 9780358664758

  • NEW 599.658 KANTNER 2021
    Kantner, Seth
    A thousand trails home : living with caribou
    Summary:"Firsthand account of a life spent hunting, studying, and living alongside caribou that reveals the fragile, intertwined lives of people and animals surviving through sweeping changes in the Alaskan Arctic"–
    ISBN:1594859701, 9781594859700

  • NEW 599.757 HAM 2020
    Ham, Anthony
    The last lions of Africa : stories from the frontline in the battle to save a species
    Summary:This is the riveting and illuminating story of Australian writer Anthony Ham’s extraordinary journey into the world of lions. Haunted by the idea that they might disappear from the planet in our lifetime, he ventured deep into the African wilderness, speaking to local tribespeople and activists as well as to rangers, scientists and conservationists about why lions are close to extinction and what can be done to save them. In The Last Lions of Africa, we walk alongside Anthony as he reveals the latest extraordinary science surrounding the earth’s dwindling lion populations and their often surprising relationship to mankind. As he uncovers heartbreaking and astonishing accounts of individual lions, prides and habitats, each chapter unfolds as both gripping campfire story and deeply researched exploration of larger mysteries in the natural world. Anthony’s vivid storytelling weaves together natural history, ancient lore and multidisciplinary science to show us a world in which human populations are growing and wild lands are shrinking; where lions and indigenous peoples fight not for sovereignty over the land but for their very existence. In this gripping and crucial book, Anthony Ham brings Africa, its people and its endangered lions to magnificent life and shows the surprising ways those last lions might be saved.
    ISBN:1760875759, 9781760875756

  • NEW 616.025 PATTERSON 2021
    Patterson, James
    ER nurses : true stories from America’s greatest unsung heroes
    Summary:"James Patterson and Matt Eversmann powerfully present the medical frontline heroes who work to save our lives every day: E.R. Nurses. Around the clock, across the country, these highly skilled and compassionate men and women sacrifice and struggle for us and our families. You have never heard their true stories. Not like this. From big-city and small-town hospitals. From behind the scenes. From the heart. This book will make you laugh, make you cry, make you understand. When we’re at our worst, E.R. nurses are at their best."–
    ISBN:0759554269, 9780759554269

  • NEW 630.941 LAURIE 2021
    Laurie, Patrick
    Galloway : life in a vanishing landscape
    Summary:"Galloway, an ancient town in an obscure corner of Scotland, has a proud and unique heritage based on hardy cattle and wide moors. But as the twentieth century progressed, the people of Galloway deserted the land and the moors have been transformed into commercial forest. Desperate to connect with his native land, Patrick Laurie plunges into work on his family farm. Investing in the oldest and most traditional breeds of Galloway cattle, he begins to discover how cows once shaped people, places and naturein this remote and half-hidden place. This traditional breed requires different methods of care from modern farming on an industrial, totally unnatural scale. As the cattle begin to dictate the pattern of his life, Patrick stumbles upon the passing of anancient rural heritage. The new forests have driven the catastrophic decline of the much-loved curlew, a bird which features strongly in Galloway’s consciousness. The links between people, cattle and wild birds become a central theme as Patrick begins toface the reality of life in a vanishing landscape. Exploring the delicate balance between farming and conservation while recounting an extraordinarily powerful personal story, Galloway delves into the relationship between people and places under pressurein the modern world"–
    ISBN:9781640095014, “1640095004 : PAP”, “9781640095007 : PAP”

  • NEW 641.563 FLANAGAN 2021
    Flanagan, Shalane
    Rise & run. : recipes, rituals, and runs to fuel your day
    Summary:"For athletes, breakfast is always the main topic of conversation when out on a morning run. Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky believe (and science confirms) that what you eat at the start of the day impacts everything: your mood, your work output, your cravings, your sleep, and even your long-term health. In Rise and Run, they turn their focus to the most important meal of the day, with 100 recipes for nutrient-rich, indulgent breakfasts and packable snacks for athletes on-the-go, including morning staples like Goddess Grain-Free Granola, Breakfast Power Bowls, and new savory and sweet variations of the fan-favorite Superhero Muffins. Every recipe includes make-ahead tips for busy athletes and families, and they are crafted with the ideal balance of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats for athletes of all levels. Along with the recipes, Shalane and Elyse share their morning routines to set their day up for success: morning rituals, intention-setting tools, predawn running tips and tricks, marathon-training advice for every level, and more. They also include tips to craft a better routine to help improve your health, happiness, and success"–
    ISBN:9780593232453, 9780593232446

  • NEW 641.5636 GOODFUL 2021
    Goodful : plant & planet : sustainable & delicious cooking for real people
    Summary:"The Goodful Sustainability Cookbook shares the simplest steps for cooking to minimize your impact on the environment, with 75 plant-based recipes and plenty of guidance for high-impact low-stress low-waste strategies"–
    ISBN:0593135512, 9780593135518

  • NEW 641.5636 ROSENSTRACH 2021
    Rosenstrach, Jenny
    The weekday vegetarians : 100 recipes and a real-life plan for eating less meat
    Summary:"You don’t need to be a vegetarian to eat like one! With over 100 recipes, the New York Times bestselling author of Dinner: A Love Story and her family adopt a "weekday vegetarian" mentality. In her newest cookbook, creator of the beloved website Dinner:A Love Story and Cup of Jo columnist Jenny Rosenstrach writes about being a "weekday vegetarian," i.e. eating a vegetable-based diet during the week and saving meaty splurges for the weekend. One day, it hit Rosenstrach like a lightning bolt: She and herfamily needed to eat less meat–for their health and for the greater good of the environment. The Weekday Vegetarians shows readers how she got her family on board with meat-free meals."–
    ISBN:“0593138740 ((hardcover)”, “9780593138748 ((hardcover)”

  • NEW 641.568 KIEFFER 2021
    Kieffer, Sarah
    Baking for the holidays : 50+ cozy, seasonal treats to get you through the winter
    Summary:"A festive baking book featuring more than 50 recipes to enjoy during the holiday season and all winter long"–
    ISBN:145218075X, 9781452180755

  • NEW 641.5956 MURAD 2021
    Murad, Noor
    Ottolenghi test kitchen shelf love : recipes to unlock the secrets of your pantry, fridge, and freezer
    Summary:"Led by Yotam Ottolenghi and Noor Murad, the revered team of chefs at the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen gives everyday home cooks the accessible yet innovative Middle Eastern-inspired recipes they need to put dinner on the table with less stress and less fuss. Shelf Love teaches readers how to flex with fewer ingredients, get creative with their pantry staples, and add playful twists to familiar classics. All the signature Ottolenghi touches fans love are here–big flavors, veggie-forward appeal, diverse influences–but are distilled to maximize ease and creative versatility. These dishes pack all the punch and edge you expect from Ottolenghi, using what you’ve got to hand–that last can of chickpeas or bag of frozen peas– without extra trips to the grocery store."–
    ISBN:0593234367, 9780593234365

  • NEW 641.815 BITTMAN 2021
    Bittman, Mark
    Bittman bread : no-knead whole-grain baking for every day
    Summary:"A revolutionary approach to making easy, delicious whole-grain bread and more"–,"A revolutionary approach to making easy, delicious whole-grain bread and more This is the best bread you’ve ever had-best tasting, nourishing, and easy to make right in your own kitchen. Mark Bittman and co-author Kerri Conan have spent years perfecting their delicious, naturally leavened, whole-grain bread. Their discovery? The simplest, least fussy, most flexible way to make bread really is the best. Beginning with a wholesome, flavorful no-knead loaf (that also happens to set you up with a sourdough starter for next time), this book features a bounty of simple, adaptable recipes for every taste, any grain-including baguettes, hearty seeded loaves, sandwich bread, soft pretzels, cinnamon rolls, focaccia, pizza, waffles, and much more. At the foundation, Mark and Kerri offer a method that works with your schedule, a starter that’s virtually indestructible, and all the essential information and personal insights you need to make great bread. "–
    ISBN:9780358539216, 9780358539339

  • NEW 746 SILK 2021
    Miller, Lesley Ellis (EDT)/ Lafuente, Ana Cabrera (EDT)/ Allen-johnstone, Claire (CON)
    Silk : Fiber, Fabric, and Fashion
    ISBN:“0500480656 : HRD”, “9780500480656 : HRD”

  • NEW 747 GALVAN 2021
    Galvan, Liz Marie
    Cozy white cottage. 100 ways to be cozy all year long Seasons :
    Summary:"Whether you want to create a cozy winter wonderland in your living room, a blooming summertime welcome on your deck, or an autumn refuge by your fireplace, Liz Marie Galvan’s Cozy White Cottage Seasons gives you the inspiring photos, DIY ideas, and fun recipes you need to feel at home on any budget and in every season. DIY interior designer and popular blogger Liz Marie Galvan helps you create space to snuggle up, stretch out, or kick back at home so you can focus on what matters most during the holidays and every day. Following the popularity of Cozy White Cottage, Cozy White Cottage Seasons is a beautiful, full-color photography holiday lifestyle book with easy-to-do, practical tips to make your home a cozy haven from New Year’s to the following Christmas. Here you’ll discover how to: Create cozy celebrations, traditions, and memories indoors and out; Repurpose furniture and decor for every season; Cultivate your flare for vintage, modern, farmhouse, or a unique style all your own; Design a hot cocoa bar and make other seasonally cozy recipes; Use lighting and color to create loving spaces; Store and manage holiday clutter; Enjoy seasonal plants in outdoor or kitchen sink gardens; Be inspired by family-friendly bucket lists for every season; Cozy White Cottage Seasons is a great gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, the holidays, or as a useful housewarming gift. Liz’s design tips and wisdom have been featured on the Today show, Better Homes and Gardens, and Country Living. With decorating tips, fun family traditions, and doable ways to make your home cozy in every season, Liz helps you create a beautiful living space and a grateful heart all year long"–Publisher’s description.
    ISBN:1400224551, 9781400224555

  • NEW 814. 54 HUSTVEDT 2021
    Hustvedt, Siri.
    Mothers, fathers, and others : essays
    Summary:In this essay collection in which feminist philosophy meets family memoir, the novelist and scholar moves effortlessly between stories of her mother, grandmother, and daughter to connect mothers to the broader meanings of maternity in a culture shaped by misogyny and fantasies of paternal authority.
    ISBN:1982176393, 9781982176396

  • NEW 814.54 DAVIS 2021
    Davis, Lydia
    Essays two : on Proust, translation, foreign languages, and the city of Arles
    Summary:"A selection of essays on writing, reading, Proust, translating, foreign languages, the city of Arles, and other topics by the master short-fiction writer Lydia Davis"–Provided by publisher.
    ISBN:0374148864, 9780374148867

  • NEW 814.54 POWELL 2021
    Powell, Padgett
    Indigo : arm wrestling, snake saving, and some things in between
    Summary:"Gathering pieces written during the past three decades, Indigo ranges widely in subject matter and tone, opening with "Cleve Dean," which takes Padgett Powell to Sweden for the World Armwrestling Federation Championships, through to its closing title piece, which charts Powell’s lifelong fascination with the endangered indigo snake, "a thinking snake," and his obsession with seeing one in the wild. "Some things in between" include an autobiographical piece about growing up in the segregated and newly integrated South and tributes to writers Powell has known, among them Donald Barthelme, who "changed the aesthetic of short fiction in America for the second half of the twentieth century," and Peter Taylor, who briefly lived in Gainesville, Florida, where Powell taught for thirty-five years"– Publisher.
    ISBN:1646220056, 9781646220052

  • NEW 901 GRAEBER 2021
    Graeber, David
    The dawn of everything : a new history of humanity
    Summary:"A trailblazing account of human history, challenging our most fundamental assumptions about social evolution-from the development of agriculture and cities to the emergence of "the state," political violence, and social inequality-and revealing new possibilities for human emancipation"–
    ISBN:0374157359, 9780374157357

  • NEW 940.5426 MCMANUS 2021
    McManus, John C.
    Island infernos : the US Army’s Pacific War odyssey, 1944
    Summary:"From the author of Fire and Fortitude, the continuation of the US Army’s epic crusade in the Pacific War, from the battle of Saipan to the occupation of Japan"–
    ISBN:9780698192775, “0451475062 : HRD”, “9780451475060 : HRD”

  • NEW 949.506 MAZOWER 2021
    Mazower, Mark.
    The Greek Revolution : 1821 and the making of modern Europe
    Summary:"As Mark Mazower shows us in his enthralling and definitive new history, myths about the Greek War of Independence outpaced the facts from the very beginning, and for good reason. This was an unlikely cause, against long odds, a ragtag collection of Greek patriots up against what was still one of the most formidable empires in the world, the Ottomans. The revolutionaries needed all the help they could get. And they got it as Europeans and Americans embraced the idea that the heirs to ancient Greece, the wellspring of Western civilization, were fighting for their freedom against the proverbial Eastern despot, the Turkish sultan. This was Christianity versus Islam, now given urgency by new ideas about the nation-state, and democracy, that were shaking up the old order. Lord Byron is only the most famous of the combatants who went to Greece to fight and die-many more followed events passionately and supported the cause through art, music, and humanitarian aid. To many who did go, it was a rude awakening to find that the Greeks were a far cry from their illustrious forebears, and were often hard to tell apart from the Ottomans. Mazower does full justice to the realities on the ground as a revolutionary conspiracy triggered outright rebellion, and a shambolic and distracted Ottoman leadership first missed the plot and then overreacted disastrously. He shows how and why ethnic cleansing commenced almost immediately on both sides. By the time the dust settled, Greece was free, and Europe was changed forever. It was a victory for a completely new kind of politics-international in its range and affiliations, popular in its origins, romantic in sentiment, and radical in its goals. It was here on the very edge of Europe that the first successful revolution took place in which a people claimed liberty for themselves and overthrew an entire empire to attain it, transforming diplomatic norms and the direction of European politics forever. This new world of nation-states is the world in which we still live. Mark Mazower’s reckoning with its birth pangs in Greece is a masterpiece of the historian’s art"–
    ISBN:1591847338, 9781591847335

  • NEW 973.933 SCHIFF 2021
    Schiff, Adam B.
    Midnight in Washington : how we almost lost our democracy and still could
    Summary:In the years leading up to the election of Donald Trump, Congressman Adam Schiff had already been sounding the alarm over the resurgence of autocracy around the world, and the threat this posed to the United States. But as he led the probe into Donald Trump’s Russia and Ukraine-related abuses of presidential power, Schiff came to the terrible conclusion that the principal threat to American democracy now came from within. In Midnight in Washington, Schiff argues that the Trump presidency has so weakened our institutions and compromised the Republican Party that the peril will last for years, requiring unprecedented vigilance against the growing and dangerous appeal of authoritarianism. The congressman chronicles step by step just how our democracy was put at such risk, and traces his own path to meeting the crisis–from serious prosecutor, to congressman with an expertise in national security and a reputation for bipartisanship, to liberal lightning rod, scourge of the right, and archenemy of a president. Schiff takes us inside his team of impeachment managers and their desperate defense of the constitution amid the rise of a distinctly American brand of autocracy. Deepening our understanding of prominent public moments, Schiff reveals the private struggles, the internal conflicts, and the triumphs of courage that came with defending the republic against a lawless president–but also the slow surrender of people that he had worked with and admired to the dangerous immorality of a president engaged in an historic betrayal of his office. Schiff’s fight for democracy is one of the great dramas of our time, told by the man who became the president’s principal antagonist. It is a story that began with Trump but does not end with him, taking us through the disastrous culmination of the presidency and Schiff’s account of January 6, 2021, and how the anti-democratic forces Trump unleashed continue to define his party, making the future of democracy in America more uncertain than ever.
    ISBN:059323152X, 9780593231524

  • NEW 980 BEEZLEY 2020-2022
    Beezley, William H.
    Latin America 2020-2022
    ISBN:1475856431, 9781475856439

  • 635 TERRAIN 2018
    Terrain : ideas and inspiration for decorating the home and garden
    Summary:Founded in a historic nursery in southeast Pennsylvania, Terrain is a nationally renowned garden, home, and lifestyle brand with an entirely fresh approach to living with nature. It’s an approach that bridges the gap between home and garden, the indoors and the outdoors. An approach that embraces decorating with plants and inviting the garden into every living space. Terrain, the book, not only captures the brand’s unique and lushly appealing sensibility in over 450 beautiful photographs but also shows, in project after project, tip after tip, how to live with nature at home. Here are ideas for flower arranging beyond the expected bouquet, using branches and wild blooms, seed heads and bulbs. Ten colorful container gardens inspired by painterly palettes. Dozens of ideas for making wreaths out of vines, dried stems, evergreens, and fresh leaves and fern fronds (which you learn to preserve in glycerin). Here are secrets for forcing branches to bloom in the middle of winter. Decorating with heirloom pumpkins, including turning them into tabletop planters. Simple touches—like massing high-summer hydrangeas into weathered baskets and scattering them around the patio—and more involved projects, including taking inspiration from Scandinavia and Britain to create a truly natural Christmas. With inspiration for every season, Terrain blurs the indoors and out to bring the subtle and surprising joys of nature into our lives every day.
    ISBN:“1579658075 (hardcover : alk. paper)”, “9781579658076 (hardcover : alk. paper)”