Adult New Arrivals – Nonfiction

July Arrivals

  • NEW 324.2734 POPKIN 2021
    Popkin, Samuel L.
    Crackup : the Republican implosion and the future of presidential politics
    Summary:"In 2016, a businessman so discredited that he could no longer get a casino license or borrow money from an American bank was elected President of the United States of America. How did this happen? It is easy to mock and ridicule Donald Trump as if he isthe problem. In fact, he is a symptom of a much larger issue that has been bedeviling the GOP for nearly two decades: an intraparty crackup of massive proportions. By "crackup," I mean a breakdown of the fragile alliances between coalitions within a partythat prevents its leaders from developing goals they can deliver on when they control the White House and majorities in the House and Senate. This introductory chapter explains why party crackups are inevitable in a federal system with national money andlocal primaries. But this is the first time — for either party – that no group within the party could create a synthesis of old orthodoxies and new realities that altered the party’s direction enough to build a new consensus"–
    ISBN:9780190913847, “0190913827 : HRD”, “9780190913823 : HRD”

  • NEW 381.142 MACGILLIS 2021
    MacGillis, Alec
    Fulfillment : winning and losing in one-click America
    Summary:"The story of regional inequality in America as revealed by the rise of Amazon and its distribution network"–
    ISBN:0374159270, 9780374159276

  • NEW 385.09 SEDGWICK 2021
    Sedgwick, John
    From the river to the sea : the untold story of the railroad war that made the West
    Summary:"John Sedgwick recounts the decade-long fight between General William J. Palmer, the Civil War hero leading the ‘little family’ of his Rio Grande, coming down from Denver, hoping to showcase the majesty of the Rockies, and William Barstow Strong, the hard-nosed manager of the corporate-minded Santa Fe, venturing west from Kansas. What begins as an accidental rivalry when the two lines cross in Colorado soon evolves into an all-out battle as each man tries to outdo the other— claiming exclusive routes through mountains, narrow passes, and the richest silver mines in the world; enlisting private armies to protect their land and lawyers to find loopholes; dispatching spies to gain information; and even using the power of the press and incurring the wrath of the God-like Robber Baron Jay Gould— to emerge victorious. By the end of the century, one man will fade into anonymity and disgrace. The other will achieve unparalleled success— and in the process, transform a sleepy backwater of thirty thousand called ‘Los Angeles’ into a booming metropolis that will forever change the United States." —
    ISBN:1982104287, 9781982104283

  • NEW 582.16 WOHLLEBEN 2021
    Wohlleben, Peter
    The heartbeat of trees : embracing our ancient bond with forests and nature
    Summary:"In an era of cell phone addiction and ever-expanding cities, many of us fear we’ve lost our connection to nature— but Peter Wohlleben is convinced that age-old ties linking humans to the forest remain alive and intact. Whether we observe it or not, our blood pressure stabilizes near trees, the color green calms us, and the forest sharpens our senses. Drawing on new scientific discoveries, The Heartbeat of Trees reveals the profound interactions humans can have with nature, exploring the language of the forest, the consciousness of plants, and the eroding boundary between flora and fauna. Wohlleben shares how to see, feel, smell, hear, and even taste your journey into the woods. Above all, he reveals a wondrous cosmos where humans are a part of nature, and where conservation is not just about saving trees— it’s about saving ourselves, too." —
    ISBN:1771646896, 9781771646895

  • NEW 641.65 HOWELL 2021
    Howell, Rob (Chef)
    Root : Small vegetable plates, a little meat on the side
    Summary:"Vegetable small plates are the very heart of this mouth-watering debut book from Rob Howell. With a focus on sustainability and using the very best of ingredients, Rob showcases over 100 recipes from the award-wining Bristol waterfront restaurant for you to mix and match at home, creating greedy feasts for family and friends – or even just for yourself!"–
    ISBN:1472976460, 9781472976468

  • NEW 973.924092 DOBBS 2021
    Dobbs, Michael
    King Richard : Nixon and Watergate : an American tragedy
    Summary:"From the author of the acclaimed One Minute to Midnight: a sharply focused, riveting account–told from inside the White House–of the crucial months when the Watergate conspiracy consumed itself and brought down the president"–
    ISBN:0385350090, 9780385350099, 0345805844, 9780345805843

  • 910.452 BATES 2018 v.1
    Bates, Raymond H.
    Shipwrecks north of Boston. Salem Bay Volume 1,
    Summary:Salem’s historic role as a major world port, combined with treacherous geography and unpredictable weather, has made Salem Bay the site of hundreds of shipwrecks. In the first comprehensive book on the subject, diver, historian, and shipwreck enthusiast Raymond H. Bates, Jr., writes vividly about everything from the loss of a British frigate in 1710 to the tragic fate of men on a rescue mission during the twentieth century’s most destructive storm. He has also compiled the most complete list to date of shipwrecks in the waters off Salem recorded since the seventeenth century.
    ISBN:1540357244, 9781540357243