Adult New Arrivals – Book on CD

June Arrivals

    Andrews, Mary Kay
    The homewreckers : a novel
    Summary:Hattie Kavanaugh went to work helping clean up restored homes for Kavanaugh & Son Restorations at eighteen ; married the boss’s son at twenty ; and was only twenty-five when her husband Hank was killed in a motorcycle accident. Broken-hearted but determined to continue the business of their dreams, she takes the life insurance money, buys a small house in a gentrifying neighborhood, flips it, then puts the money into her next project. But that house is a disaster and a money-loser, which rocks her confidence for years to come. Then, Hattie gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: star in a beach house renovation reality show called The Homewreckers, cast against a male lead who may be a love interest, or may be the ultimate antagonist.
    ISBN:1250852161, 9781250852168

    Pavone, Chris.
    Two nights in Lisbon : a novel
    Summary:Ariel Pryce wakes up in Lisbon, alone. Her husband is gone; no warning, no note, not answering his phone. Something is wrong. She starts with hotel security, then the police, then the American embassy, each time confronting questions she can’t fully answer: What exactly is John doing in Lisbon? Why would he drag her along on his business trip? Who would want to harm him? And why does Ariel know so little about her new, much younger, husband? The clock is ticking. Ariel is increasingly frustrated and desperate, running out of time, and the one person in the world who can help is the person she least wants to ask.
    ISBN:1250856299, 9781250856296

    Zhang, Jenny
    Four treasures of the sky
    Summary:When she is kidnapped and forced from China to America, Daiyu is forced to reinvent herself to survive. From a brothel, to a shop in the Idaho mountains, we follow her on a quest to outrun tragedy.
    ISBN:1250837529, 9781250837523