Adult New Arrivals – Biography

December Arrivals

    Abedin, Huma
    Both/And : a life in many worlds
    Summary:Hillary Clinton’s famously private top aide and longtime advisor emerges from the wings of American political history to take command of her own story.
    ISBN:1501194801, 9781501194801

    Shaughnessy, Dan
    Wish it lasted forever : life with the Larry Bird Celtics
    Summary:"Drawing on unprecedented access and personal experiences that would not be possible for any reporter today, Shaughnessy takes us inside the legendary Larry Bird-led Celtics teams, capturing the camaraderie as they rose to dominate the NBA. Fans can witness the cockiness of Larry Bird (who once walked into an All Star Weekend locker room, announced that he was going to win the three-point contest, and did); the ageless athleticism of Robert Parish; the shooting skills of Kevin McHale; the fierce, self-sacrificing play of Bill Walton; and the playful humor of players like Danny Ainge, Cedric "Cornbread" Maxwell, and M.L. Carr"–Publisher’s description.
    ISBN:“1982169974 (hardcover)”, “9781982169978 (hardcover)”

    Brooks, Mel
    All about me : my remarkable life in show business
    Summary:The legendary comedian, actor, and film producer and director traces his rise from a Depression-era kid in Brooklyn to his stellar film career, offering insight into the inspiration for his ideas and the many close friendships and collaborations behind his sucess.
    ISBN:059315911X, 9780593159118

    Fallon, Daniel
    Love’s legacy : Viscount Chateaubriand and the Irish girl
    Summary:This work of academic scholarship, told in first person as an investigative mystery, explores Chateaubriand’s secret sponsorship of the author’s great-great-grandfather, Thomas Fallon, to a four-year elite education at a prestigious French Royal Academy. Chateaubriand, considered the founder of French romantic literature, likely believed he was the boy’s father. The boy’s mother, Mary Neale Fallon, an Irish woman who surely rescued Chateaubriand in his hour of need while in exile in London, thereby made possible the launch of his writing career. In the course of uncovering aspects of Chateaubriand’s hidden life, as disguised in his memoirs and elsewhere, this genealogical investigation, rendered largely as a memoir, explores aspects of 19th century love and romance; intergenerational family oral history; and the value of inheriting, through one means or another, an enduring legacy of love.–Publisher.
    ISBN:“1735999601 (hbk.) :”, “9781735999609 (hbk.) :”, 9781735999616

    Finch, Charles
    What just happened : notes on a long year
    Summary:"A writer and literary critic’s diary of the year 2020, beginning with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and spanning the protests for racial justice and the chaos of the U.S. presidential election"–Provided by publisher.
    ISBN:0593319079, 9780593319079

    Dance, Robert
    The Savvy Sphinx : how Garbo conquered Hollywood
    Summary:"In The Savvy Sphinx: How Garbo Conquered Hollywood, Robert Dance traces the strategy a working-class Swedish teenager employed to enter motion pictures, find her way to America, and ultimately become Hollywood’s most glorious product. Brilliant tactics allowed her to reach Hollywood’s upper-most echelon and made her one of the last century’s most famous people. Greta Garbo was discovered by director Mauritz Stiller, who saw promise in her nascent talent and insisted that she accompany him when he was lured to America by a MGM contract. By twenty she was a movie star and the epitome of glamour. Soon Garbo was among the highest-paid performers, and in many years occupied the number one position. Unique among studio players, she quickly insisted on and wasgranted final authority over her scripts, co-stars, and directors. But Garbo never played the Hollywood game, and by the late twenties her unwillingness to grant interviews, attend premieres, or meet visiting dignitaries won her the sobriquet the SwedishSphinx. The Savvy Sphinx, which includes over a hundred beautiful images, charts her rise and her long self-imposed exile as the queen who abdicated her Hollywood throne. Garbo was the paramount star produced by the Hollywood studio system, and by the time of her death her legendary status was assured"–
    ISBN:9781496836595, 9781496836588, 9781496836571, 9781496836564, “1496833287 : HRD”, “9781496833280 : HRD”

    Patchett, Ann.
    These precious days : essays
    Summary:"The beloved New York Times bestselling author reflects on home, family, friendships and writing in this deeply personal collection of essays."–Provided by publisher.
    ISBN:0063092786, 9780063092785

    Frankel, Rebecca
    Into the forest : a Holocaust story of survival, triumph, and love
    Summary:"Rebecca Frankel’s Into the Forest is a gripping story of love, escape, and survival, from wartime Poland to a wedding in Connecticut. In the summer of 1942, the Rabinowitz family narrowly escaped the Nazi ghetto in their Polish town by fleeing to the forbidding Bialowieza Forest. They miraculously survived two years in the woods-through brutal winters, Typhus outbreaks, and merciless Nazi raids-until they were liberated by the Red Army in 1944. After the war they trekked across the Alps into Italy wherethey settled as refugees before eventually immigrating to the United States. During the first ghetto massacre, Miriam Rabinowitz rescued a young boy named Philip by pretending he was her son. Nearly a decade later, a chance encounter at a wedding in Brooklyn would lead Philip to find the woman who saved him. And to discover her daughter Ruth was the love of his life. From a little-known chapter of Holocaust history, one family’s inspiring true story of love, escape, and survival"–
    ISBN:9781250267658, “1250267641 : HRD”, “9781250267641 : HRD”

    Ragsdale, Bruce A.
    Washington at the plow : the founding farmer and the question of slavery
    Summary:"George Washington spent most of his time farming, often employing experimental methods. Washington saw slave-powered scientific agriculture as the key to the nation’s prosperity. Bruce Ragsdale argues that it was slave labor’s inefficiency as much as its inhumanity that finally convinced Washington to emancipate the men and women bonded to him"–
    ISBN:0674246381, 9780674246386, “9780674269897 (ebook) :”