Capital Campaign

Why We Need To Renovate Our Library Now
The Town of Marblehead faces critical infrastructure needs at the Library (last updated in 1989)

• Elevator • Electrical • Fire Alarm & Protection • HVAC • ADA Access / Stairs / Surface Storm Run-0ff • Parking Lot

The Town of Marblehead deserves a first-class library that offers up-to-date services, in a facility which is comfortable and has diverse settings for patrons of all ages

• The current site is preferred by most community members because of its central location on the bus line and proximity to schools
• The current space is adequate for our needs, but must be redesigned & renovated to serve 21st century demands

What We Propose To Do
Attend simultaneously to critical infrastructure replacement and to the redesign/renovation of the Library

• Entry Station • Fireplace Café • Information Zone • Quiet Nooks • Meeting Areas / Study Spaces / Tutor Areas • Teen Center • Maker Space • Garden Access • More and improved technology platforms

How We Propose To Do It
Continue a long-standing Marblehead practice of funding the Library through a combination of private & public funds

$9 million: $2 million from private sources + $7 million from town override

18 month fund-raising campaign with small informative gatherings at private homes, collecting cash and pledges which will be re-confirmed with Town-wide approval for municipal funding of the project
18 month advocacy campaign for the library organized by community leaders
Preview presentation at the May, 2019 Town Meeting, of things to come at the Library
Action Article at the May, 2020 Town Meeting requesting funding & presenting private pledges
Begin construction in 2021, to be completed by 2022