Abbot Public Library’s Artichoke Lamp

Aug 21, 2023 | News

Congratulations to Jim Hutchinson of Lincoln, MA who won the Municibid auction last week for an artichoke pendant lamp that was in daily use at 235 Pleasant Street prior to the start of renovations in January 2023. 

The white PH Artichoke Lamp is believed to have been purchased for the library in 1989 and comes from Danish designer Poul Henningsen and was manufactured by Louis Poulsen.

The lamp was designed to produce a soft, glare-free light that diffuses evenly into the space it inhabits. Due to its unique shape, it is frequently used in smaller spaces that may be overwhelmed by traditional chandeliers. Mr. Hutchinson picked up the lamp at the interim library today and plans to install the lamp in his own home which is also undergoing renovations.  

Proceeds of the sale will go directly to the Town of Marblehead.