Common Questions

Questions we’re asked most frequently are listed below. Click on “Answer” for the correct information. If your question is not listed, feel free to email us directly at or call the Reference Desk at 781-631-2554 during Library hours. We’ll respond as promptly as we can. For reference questions, please let us know if there is a deadline for the answer.

1. Where are you located.? Can I get directions?Read more
2. What materials does the Library have?Read more
3. What is the loan period for library materials and what are the fines for bringing back the materials late?Read more
4. Why did the Library switch to a computerized catalog only? Why not keep the card catalog also?

Read more
5. How do I use the computerized catalog?Read more
6. To which “local” newspapers does the Library subscribe? Read more
7. Can I use my Marblehead library card at other libraries?Read more
8. Can I check out books on someone else’s library card, like my husband’s or my sister’s card?Read more
9. What telephone books does the Library have?Read more
10. Do you have a copy of the “nosey book,” the directory of residents of Marblehead?Read more
11. Do you have a copy of the property valuation book for Marblehead?Read more
12. Does the Library have both Federal and state tax forms?Read more
13. Does the Library have any book clubs that I can join?Read more